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Flood warning issued for River Nene east of Peterborough

A Flood Warning has been issued for the North Bank Road by the River Nene east of Peterborough Credit: Environment Agency

A Flood Warning has been issued by the Environment Agency for the North Bank Road alongside the River Nene, east of Peterborough and west of Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice.

Flooding is expected for the North Bank Road alongside the River Nene to the east of Peterborough and the West of the Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice during times of tide lock.

"Heavy rain on Saturday has caused river levels to rise on the River Nene. During periods of high tide the river will be unable to discharge into the sea, resulting in tide lock conditions. This is likely to lead to localised flooding at North Bank Road."

– Environment Agency

There are also more than a dozen Flood Alerts in force across the Anglia region.

Flood warnings issued in the Anglia region

There are flood warnings in force in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Credit: PA

After a night of heavy rain and, in some places, snow, rivers have been put under strain. Flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency in parts of Cambridgeshire.

More than a fortnight's worth of rain fell in some areas in just 12 hours making it the wettest day since August.

In the 24 hours to 9am on Saturday, Holbeach in Lincolnshire had 28 mm (1.1 inches) of rain while Norwich recorded 27 mm.

  • Ellington, Hamerton and the Alconburys

Flooding is expected for Hamerton, Upton, Alconbury, Alconbury Weston and Ellington

"Water levels along the Alconbury and Ellington Brooks continue to rise following last night’s rain. At Hamerton levels are still rising but may peak in the next few hours. At Alconbury Weston levels have risen fast and may continue to rise and stay high for some hours. This water will then make its way down to Alconbury and Brampton through the day keeping levels high."

– Environment Agency

An overnight flood warning on the Chediston watercourse at Halesworth was lifted at 9.35am on Saturday.

There are also several of the lower level Flood Alerts in place on rivers in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.


More than 40 flood warnings and alerts still force in the Anglia region

Location of flood warnings (red) and flood alerts (orange) at 7am on Monday Credit: Environment Agency

The Environment Agency still had 15 flood warnings and 27 of the lower level flood alerts in place early on Monday morning after a weekend of heavy rain.

More than a fortnight's worth of rain fell in a day on Sunday in some parts of the Anglia region. It ran off already saturated ground and into swollen rivers.

It's expect that water levels will begin to fall during Monday as a mainly dry and sunny day is forecast.

Temperatures fell below freezing in the early hours of Monday in some parts of the Anglia region.

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Danger of flooded roads in the Anglia region as rain clears

There's a warning of difficult driving conditions after more than 30 mm (1.2 inches) of rain has fallen in some parts of the Anglia region during Sunday.

There surface water flooding in many areas and the Environment Agency has issued a flurry of flood warnings and flood alerts as some rivers burst their banks.

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East Anglia faces flooding with a fortnight's rain in a day

Rainfall radar image at 3.05pm showing heavy rain in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Credit: Met Office

Parts of East Anglia are facing flooding along some roads with some properties at risk as river levels rise. Up to 25 mm (1 inch) or rain has fallen since midnight which is the amount that usually falls in two weeks.

Trains services have been suspended in Norfolk because of flooding at Worstead on the line between Norwich and Sheringham.

By 3pm, the Environment Agency had issued four flood warnings and 15 lower level flood alerts.

Rainfall totals in the Anglia region on Sunday until 3pm

  • 28 mm at Higham near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  • 24 mm in Santon Downham, Suffolk
  • 23 mm in Norwich
  • 21 mm at Andrewsfield near Braintree, Essex
  • 20 mm in Weybourne, Norfolk
  • 19 mm in Writtle, Essex
  • 18 mm in Cambridge
  • 13 mm in Bedford
  • 9 mm in Northampton
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