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Torrential rain brings flash flooding to Suffolk

Flash flooding caused by torrential rain and thunderstorms in Sudbury, Suffolk Credit: Dionne King

Around 20 homes have been flooded after torrential rain brought flash floods to Sudbury in Suffolk.

The area affected was East Street in the town at about 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon.

Suffolk Police said they were aware of flooding incidents across the county.

In Pictures: Tornado strikes on Suffolk-Norfolk border

A tornado pictured at Wortwell near Harleston, Norfolk Credit: Vikki Woodford

Eyewitness Vikki Woodford said she saw the tornado touch the ground at Wortwell on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

Vikki wrote on the ITV News Anglia Facebook page: "I have pictures of it from Wortwell - very clear! We watched it touch down, videoed it then left before the storm was overhead."

She added that it then fizzled out.

There are no reports of any damage.

A tornado pictured at Wortwell near Harleston, Norfolk Credit: Vikki Woodford


Possible tornado spotted during thunderstorms in Suffolk

A possible tornado was photographed at Stradbroke in Suffolk at 2.30pm on Saturday 28 June 2014 Credit: Andy Bevan

Thundery downpours have been sweeping across the East Anglia region on Saturday and a possible tornado has been spotted in Stradbroke near Eye in Suffolk.

The picture was taken by ITV Anglia viewer Andy Bevan from his back garden at 2.30pm.

Tornadoes can be spawned from the base of thunderstorm clouds. They start as funnel clouds which can twist all the way down to the ground. They only become tornadoes if they touch the ground.

There is no confirmation that the twister in the picture hit the ground so it may have just been a funnel cloud.

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A funnel cloud or possible tornado was also captured at Bungay in Suffolk Credit: Andrew Fairhead

Video of Friday's flash flooding and hail storm

More localised torrential downpours are forecast for Saturday after the Anglia region was hit by thunderstorms on Friday.

Below is a video sent in by ITV News Anglia viewer Lesley Chambers of the conditions between Acle and Filby near Great Yarmouth on Friday afternoon with hail and flash floods.

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Thunderstorms and torrential downpours in Northamptonshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire

Rainfall radar image taken at 1.20pm. The pink and white areas indicates the heaviest downpours. Credit: Met Office

Torrential downpours and thunderstorms are currently tracking across Northamptonshire and into Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, heading north east towards The Wash.

Areas on the rainfall radar map coloured white indicate rainfall rates of more than 32 mm per hour.

Rainfall radar image at 3.20pm showing the thunderstorms clearing away to the north Credit: Met Office
Rainfall radar image at 1pm showing thunderstorms moving north east towards The Wash Credit: Met Office

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