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A month's worth of rain in a day: rainfall totals in the Anglia region

The Anglia region has seen its wettest week since November 2012 with a month's worth of rain falling in the past seven days.

Wattisham in Suffolk has seen nearly a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours.

The average monthly rainfall for May in the Anglia region is 50 mm.

Rainfall totals in the Anglia region in the 24 hours to 10pm on Tuesday 27 May

  • 49 mm in Wattisham, Suffolk
  • 44 mm in Higham near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  • 33 mm in Norwich
  • 31 mm in Cavendish, Suffolk
  • 27 mm in Charsfield, Suffolk
  • 25 mm in Cromer, Norfolk
  • 21 mm in Cambridge
  • 15 mm in Andrewsfield near Braintree, Essex
  • 15 mm in Marham, Norfolk
  • 15 mm at Monks Wood near Sawtry, Cambs
  • 13 mm in Bedford
  • 12 mm in Woburn, Beds
  • 10 mm in Shoeburyness, Essex
  • 9 mm in Northampton
  • 6 mm in Wittering, Cambs
  • 5 mm in Stowe, Buckinghamshire

Protecting King's Lynn from flooding

Work on a one million pound scheme to protect King's Lynn from flooding will get underway by the end of the month.

Protecting homes in King's Lynn in December Credit: ITV Anglia

Today people are being invited to find out more about the King's Lynn Tidal Defence project and also discuss their concerns following the December tidal surge.

A drop in session is being held in the town hall this afternoon. The project will see flood gates refurbished and existing tidal defences strengthened.


Coastal beauty spots that may be lost to the sea

Seaside beauty spots around the East coast may be lost to the sea if nature is allowed to take its course.

It's been reported that some areas of the coast have been hit by years' worth of erosion in just the past three months.

The tidal surge of last December together with one of the wettest winters on record has wreaked havoc along the East coast.

In April the National Trust is to publish a report highlighting those areas in the Anglia region in a critical state.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Victoria Lampard

Latest flood warnings in the Anglia region

The River Great Ouse has burst its banks in St Neots, Cambridgeshire Credit: Dave Pyke

The Environment Agency has three flood warnings in force in the Anglia region along with 19 flood alerts.

The flood warnings are:

North Bank Road alongside the River Nene to the east of Peterborough and the West of the Dog-in-a-Doublet Sluice

River Nene at Cogenhoe Mill Caravan Site in Northamptonshire

B1040 Thorney to Whittlesey Road to the South of the River Nene in Cambridgeshire

Send your pictures of any high rivers or flooding to


Latest flood warnings in the Anglia region

There are a number of flood warnings and flood alerts in force in the Anglia region Credit: PA

At 9.30pm on Friday 14 February 2014, there were three Flood Warnings and 14 Flood Alerts in force in the Anglia region issued by the Environment Agency.

The Flood Warnings are at:

North Bank Road along the River Nene east of PeterboroughCogenhoe Mill Caravan Park in NorthamptonshireB1040 Thorney to Whittlesey Road in Cambridgeshire

Norfolk warplane films flood devastation

The Tornado reconnaissance aircraft prepares for take off Credit: Ministry of Defence

An RAF reconnaissance aircraft from Norfolk has captured aerial images of the floods in the Thames Valley.

The deployment of the Tornado GR4 from RAF Marham has produced detailed imagery which it is hoped will assist the planning and co-ordination of relief efforts.

Detailed low level photography gives a clear view of the flooding Credit: Ministry of Defence

The aircraft, operated by 31 Squadron, is equipped with the highly versatile Raptor - Reconnaissance Air Pod for Tornado - which enables it to gather sophisticated, high-resolution imagery.

The imagery, now being processed and evaluated by analysts at Marham, will be passed to civilian authorities

Weather warnings issued for strong winds and heavy rain in the Anglia region

Met Office rainfall radar snapshot at 7am on Wednesday Credit: Met Office

More wet and stormy weather is forecast to hit the Anglia region on Wednesday and Thursday as the latest winter storm breezes in from the Atlantic.

The Met Office has two yellow warnings in force for for the Anglia region for the rain and the wind.

There are still 4 Flood Warnings and 9 Flood Alerts in place in the region following last week's rain.

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