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Framlingham Castle to re-open after major improvement project

Framlingham Castle in Suffolk.

Framlingham Castle in Suffolk is set to re-open Friday 16 June, following a comprehensive programme of visitor improvements and conservation.

The castle’s workhouse has been closed since the winter when the project started.

The new refurbishments include a new exhibition space, a café and a shopping area.

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Ed Sheeran releases video for single 'Shape of You'

Suffolk singer Ed Sheeran has released the video for his chart-topping single 'Shape of You'.

It features the star taking part in a wrestling match - dressed in an inflatable sumo suit.

Sheeran recently returned to music following a year-long hiatus, and he currently holds both the number one and number two spots in the Official Singles Chart.

He described his other single, 'Castle on a Hill', as a "love song for Suffolk". The video was filmed in his hometown of Framlingham.

He recently revealed announced the dates for his upcoming world tour, which will include 14 dates in Britain and Ireland.

Suffolk puppy recovers after swallowing a toy windmill

The young labrador swallowed a toy windmill. Credit: @FramVet

A puppy has made a remarkable recovery after swallowing a toy windmill.

The young labrador was treated in Framlingham, Suffolk.

The vet who treated him said it was the "most bizarre" item he'd ever removed from an animal.

"He'd chewed the sails off and had somehow been able to swallow the remainder.

"He was OK - a little bit dribbly but otherwise fine. He didn't appear to be in much pain, just a little bit bewildered."

– Ben Garland, Framlingham Vets

The puppy had to undergo surgery to remove the toy - and was kept in the vets for two days before being reunited with his owners.

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