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Suffolk puppy recovers after swallowing a toy windmill

The young labrador swallowed a toy windmill. Credit: @FramVet

A puppy has made a remarkable recovery after swallowing a toy windmill.

The young labrador was treated in Framlingham, Suffolk.

The vet who treated him said it was the "most bizarre" item he'd ever removed from an animal.

"He'd chewed the sails off and had somehow been able to swallow the remainder.

"He was OK - a little bit dribbly but otherwise fine. He didn't appear to be in much pain, just a little bit bewildered."

– Ben Garland, Framlingham Vets

The puppy had to undergo surgery to remove the toy - and was kept in the vets for two days before being reunited with his owners.


Ed Sheeran takes Nicole Scherzinger for a drink at his local in Framlingham

Ed Sheeran and Nicola Scherzinger with Hannah Peck. Credit: Hannah Peck

A rural Suffolk pub has been serving drinks to two of the music industry’s biggest names.

Ed Sheeran took former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger to The Station Hotel.

The stars visited the Framlingham pub earlier this week and assistant manager, Hannah Peck, was photographed with the celebrity pair.

Ed, who grew up in the market town and went to Thomas Mills High School, often visits the pub when he returns home.

It is the second time that Ed has taken superstar friends to the pub, bringing along pop princess Taylor Swift in December 2013.

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