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Penguin reunion but 'Dippy' the eldest has cold feet

A group of penguins, who were split up and sent to two Norfolk Sea Life centres, when a wildlife park closed down on the Isle of Wight, have been reunited in Great Yarmouth.

The humboldt penguins will now live at the Sea Life centre in Yarmouth while their home is refurbished at the Hunstanton centre.

Staff say they all settled in quickly, but Dippy who already lives in Great Yarmouth and who is the eldest penguin at 22 years old, was a little bit anxious about the new penguins coming into his new home.

Staff release penguins into their new enclosure in Great Yarmouth Credit: ITV News Anglia

''Dippy is our eldest penguin, he's 22 and he's also a bit of a superstar and he kind of wanted reassurance. Who are all these penguins and am I still your favourite and of course he is.''

– Darren Gook, Senior Marine Biologist
One of the penguins happily taking the plunge Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Humbodlts are very sociable birds and they'll love being part of a bigger flock for a few months while the work is carried out at Hunstanton. We're expecting lots of bill tapping and friendly honking at each other. They've a lot to catch up on."

– Terri Harris, Great Yarmouth Sea Life General Manager

Dippy suffers from arthritis, and a gently sloping 'disabled access ramp' has been provided from him at the Great Yarmouth centre.

Staff trying to persuade 'Dippy' to get into the water Credit: ITV News Anglia

Teenager seriously injured after crash in Great Yarmouth

The girl suffered head injuries Credit: ITV News Anglia

A teenager is in a serious condition in hospital following a crash in Great Yarmouth.

The victim collided with an Isuzu Rodeo Denver on Beatty Road around 6.30pm yesterday evening (Tuesday 14 November).

She was taken to Addenbrookes Hospital with serious head injuries.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the collision.

Officers would particularly like to speak to any passengers on a bus, which was in the area at the time of the incident.

  • Anyone with information should contact PC Matthew Buckoke at Acle Roads Policing on 101.


Two charged over triple stabbing in Great Yarmouth

The stabbing happened in St Peters Road in Great Yarmouth. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Two men have been charged after three people were stabbed in Great Yarmouth.

It happened on Wednesday night (25 October) in St Peter's Road.

Police were called to reports of a fight involving a group of people.

One person was seriously injured while two had minor knife wounds.

All three were taken to the James Paget University Hospital for treatment and have since been released.

Junior Mampuya, 21 and Apio Gomes, 20, have been charged with three counts of assault, occasioning grievous bodily harm.

Both have been remanded in custody to appear before Norwich Magistrates Court tomorrow, Saturday 28 October.

  • Anyone with information should contact Great Yarmouth CID on 101

'Misadventure' verdict at inquest into boxer's death

The mother of a novice boxer who died after being knocked out in his first public fight in Great Yarmouth said she believed he could have been saved if the unlicensed event had been better organised.

A four-day inquest concluded that the death of 22-year-old Jakub Moczyk, known as Kuba, was misadventure.

He was rendered unconscious by a punch to the head during the third round of his match at the Atlantis Tower Arena in Great Yarmouth, and died two days later in hospital on November 21 2016.

Norfolk's senior coroner Jacqueline Lake voiced concerns about unlicensed boxing, which is legal, and ordered a report against the company that provided ringside medics for the event.

Mr Moczyk's mother Jolanta Smigaj was asked if she believed her son could have been saved if the event had been better organised. Speaking after the hearing, she said: "Probably yes."

They never was prepared for the big injury, for that serious injury, they wasn't prepared for that, maybe for cut on the eyebrow, that's all.

– Jolanta Smigaj, Kuba's mother
The fight underway. Credit: Amatuer video

The inquest at Norfolk Coroner's Court in Great Yarmouth heard Mr Moczyk took a heavy blow in the third round, but he raised his arms to the referee to indicate he could continue.

Seconds later he took a blow to the head and was knocked out.<

Unlicensed boxing events are legal but there are no minimum standards. Mr Moczyk's opponent Irvidas Juskys was 17 years old at the time.

Ms Lake said: "A number of issues have been raised by the evidence heard at this inquest, not least that such a high risk event can be held where there's no set regulation and no set governing body.

"And the fact that youngsters under 18 can take part is even more incredible and concerning."

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