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Council approves 'masterplan' to transform Great Yarmouth

The plan is to enhance the historic town centre for the 21st century Credit: ITV News Anglia

A masterplan to transform Great Yarmouth town centre has been approved by the Borough Council.

Councillors want to make the historic town centre a destination where more people choose to live, work and spend their money.

The aim is for the developments to be in place by 2025.

The areas which will be improved are:

  • Strengthening the Heart of the Town Centre
  • Improving the market and Market Place
  • Transforming the Conge
  • Creating a sense of arrival at the town centre
  • Unlocking the potential of Hall Plain

UKIP lose Yarmouth Nelson seat to Labour

Great Yarmouth was a stronghold for UKIP in 2013. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour have added to UKIP's woes in the local elections by stealing the Yarmouth & Southtown seat in Norfolk.

UKIP won the division back in 2013, but were defeated this time around as Labour's Mike Smith-Clare came out on top.

The party were also beaten in nearby Breydon as Carl Smith gained the seat for the Conservatives.


MP blasts 'mindless behaviour' of burglars who drowned puppy

Benji was killed during a burglary in Great Yarmouth.

The drowning of a seven-month-old puppy has prompted Great Yarmouth's MP to urge his constituents to help the police.

Burglars broke into a house in Cobholm Close on Wednesday 5 April. It is believed Benji was drowned during the theft.

Brandon Lewis, who is also the policing minister, called it a "shocking crime" and blasted the burglars for their "mindless behaviour that defies understanding".

Policing Minister: 'The British way of life will prevail'

The Policing Minister Brandon Lewis has vowed that the British way of life "will prevail" following Wednesday's terror attack in Westminster.

Mr Lewis, who is also the MP for Great Yarmouth, urged people to get on with their normal lives and stay strong.

The man responsible for the attack has this afternoon been named as 52-year-old Khalid Masood from Kent.

"As the Prime Minister outlined in her statement today, the threat level doesn't change," Mr Lewis told ITV News Anglia.

"We're keeping the threat level as it was. We do believe this was a single incident, and people around the country should do as we're seeing in London today - British people getting on with their everyday lives, getting on with work and making sure that our way of life does prevail."


Soup kitchen vows to carry on after attack

Volunteers running a soup kitchen for the homeless in Great Yarmouth, have vowed to carry on despite coming under attack from a group of youths.

Some of the volunteers suffered minor injuries. Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with Friday's incident.

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Malcolm Robertson

More cocaine washes up on region's beaches

The drugs washed up on Friday are thought to have a street value of £50 million Credit: National Crime Agency

Another parcel of cocaine's been found after 50 million pounds worth of the A class drug washed up on beaches in Norfolk last week.

You can watch Natalie Gray's report here.

Holdalls of the drug were first discovered by a woman walking her dog on Hopton beach just south of Great Yarmouth on Wednesday afternoon. Parcels were also found at Caister and Suffolk Police's confirmed more's been found at Kessingland in Suffolk.

The National Crime Agency say the amount so far seized is around 360 kilograms.

The Home Office says its intelligence-led approach against drug smugglers is working. Last year two men were found guilty after Border Force acted on intelligence and seized more than half a billion pounds worth of cocaine.

“We not only work extremely closely with domestic partners, like the NCA, but also international counterparts to share intelligence and target our operations accordingly. “While Border Force use a combination of cutters, patrol vessels and cutting-edge technology to secure our coastline, we also encourage members of the public to report suspicious activity.”

– Home Office spokesperson

It says new coastal patrol vessels have been launched to support cutters in UK waters and more are due to enter service this year.

Members of the public can report suspicious activity around the coast to the local police on 101, Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting Project KRAKEN.

Flood awareness event held in Great Yarmouth

An exhibition reminding people of the importance of evacuation during flooding has got underway in Great Yarmouth.

In last month's storm surge, 60% of people chose not to leave their homes, despite being advised to do so.

Across Suffolk and Essex, more than 5,000 properties were also in danger.

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