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Lifeboat helps dive boat in trouble

The Happisburgh lifeboat helps a dive boat Credit: RNLI

The Happisburgh lifeboat was called out (Saturday) today to help the ‘Cam Diver’ with five persons on board off the Norfolk coast. The crew had been unable to restart its engine so they called Humber Coastguard, who in turn paged Happisburgh Lifeboat at 12:50pm. The “Douglas Paley” was launched at 1 pm and it arrived at the ‘Cam Diver’ at 1:10pm, which was 3 miles off Bacton. The dive boat was then towed back to Sea Palling, where they had started from, arriving there at 1:47pm.

Memorial unveiled to 13 men who died in helicopter crash 33 years ago

A memorial has been unveiled in Great Yarmouth to remember the 13 men who died when a helicopter carrying off shore gas rig workers crashed off the North Norfolk coast 33 years ago.

Relatives of one of the men who died have been campaigning for years for a lasting tribute to the lives lost in the 1981 tragedy.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Emily Knight.

Researcher hails "incredibly important find" following discovery of ancient footprints on Norfolk coast

Simon Parfitt is excited about the findings. Credit: Natural History Museum

A researcher from the Natural History Museum has hailed the discovery of ancient footprints dating back 900,000 years on the North Norfolk coast as an "incredibly important find."

The remarkable footprints were found in May and luckily archaeologists were able to take casts before they were destroyed by the tides.

The footprints date back 900,000 years. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"This is really quite incredible," he said.

"They're without doubt the oldest human footprints in Europe, and some of the oldest human footprints in the world, so they're really an incredibly important find."


Footprints dating back a staggering 900,000 years discovered on the Norfolk coast

The footprints date back 900,000 years. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The British Museum has today revealed a major archaeological find on the north Norfolk coast.

The earliest known human footprints outside of Africa, dating back 900,000 years, have been discovered by experts on the beach at Happisburgh.

Archaeologists made the find last May and were able to record them and take casts before they were destroyed by the tide.

The museum believes they could revolutionise the way we think about early man.

Stranded dog rescued by lifeboat off Norfolk coast

A dog has been rescued by an RNLI lifeboat team after her owners feared she had been swept out to sea off Sea Palling in Norfolk.

The owners had seen the dog get swept out of sight and had feared the worst when an initial search by kayakers proved unsuccessful.

However, a search by the Happisburgh lifeboat crew eventually discovered the Golden Labrador barking on a reef just off the coast.

The crew managed to coax her into their boat and returned her to her owners on the beach.

They believe the dog had pups, so were delighted they were able to save her.

Watch the rescue video below, courtesy of the RNLI:

Lifeboat called out to rescue surfer

Happisburgh lifeboat was called out to rescue a surfer drifting out to sea Credit: RNLI

Happisburgh lifeboat has been called out to rescue a teenager who was drifting out to sea on a surfboard off the Norfolk coast.

The boy was able to make his own way back to shore on Thursday afternoon but the RNLI says it highlights the dangers of offshore winds.

An RNLI spokesman said: "When using any type of craft, like inflatables, surfboards or small boats, the wind will take you out a lot quicker than you think. If using inflatables please tether them to the shore or a person and be safe."

Man hit by own jet-ski

R.N.L.I. volunteers on the Norfolk coast at Happisburgh have helped save the life of young man, who was found floating face down, after being hiton the head by jet-ski. It happened this afternoon when the man in his early twenties had fallen off his jet-ski which then hit him.

He was spotted laying face down in the sea by his brother who pulled him ashore and called for help. He was given first aid by the RNLI and flown by air ambulance to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

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