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Hottest day again as Friday tops Thursday

Temperatures around the Anglia region at 3pm on Friday 4 July 2014 Credit: Met Office

Friday has become the hottest day of the year with East Anglia leading the way with the soaring temperatures.

Friday has beaten Thursday's high of 27.7°C (81.9°F) at Writtle near Chelmsford in Essex.

The same location had reached 28.7°C (83.7°F) by 3pm on Friday with the possibility that somewhere in East Anglia would be even hotter by the time all readings had been taken later in the day.

Even at 6pm, the Norfolk resort of Cromer was still basking in a balmy 27°C (81°F).

Hottest day of the year: How hot was it near you?

Thursday was the hottest day of the year in the UK with the temperature reaching 27.7°C at Writtle near Chelmsford in Essex.

The Met Office says Friday could be hotter.

These are Thursday's maximum temperatures near you in the Anglia region:

  • 27.7°C in Writtle, Essex
  • 26.7°C in Santon Downham, Suffolk
  • 26.6°C in Shoeburyness, Essex
  • 26.6°C in Cavendish, Suffolk
  • 26.2°C in Wattisham, Suffolk
  • 26.1°C in Norwich
  • 26.1°C in Cambridge
  • 25.9°C in Weybourne, Norfolk
  • 25.9°C in Woburn, Beds
  • 25.6°C at Monks Wook near Sawtry, Cambs
  • 25.1°C in Bedford
  • 25.0°C in Northampton
  • 25.0°C in Harpenden, Herts
  • 24.1°C in Stowe, Bucks

The hottest day in 2013 was 1 August when a temperature of 34.1°C (93.4°F) was recorded at Heathrow airport.

The highest temperature in East Anglia during 2013 was 33.4°C (92.1°F) in Writtle on 1 August.


Cambridge is the hottest place in the UK at 1pm Sunday

Latest temperature readings around the East of England at 1pm on Sunday 18 May 2014 Credit: Met Office

At 1pm, Cambridge was the hottest place in the UK with a temperature of 23.2°C. Weybourne in north Norfolk had a reading of 22.1°C.

On Saturday, Santon Downham in Suffolk was the warmest place in Britain with a maximum temperature of 23.9°C.

Fire services on high alert as the heatwave causes a rise in grass and crop fires

Some of our fire services are on the highest alert as the heatwave causes a rise in grass and crop fires.

In some parts of our region, the number of call outs has quadrupled, compared to last July.

The British Red Cross has launched two call centres in Norwich and Ipswich to check on the welfare of the elderly and vulnerable in our region.

Click above to see ITV News Anglia's Claire McGlasson reporting on the risks of the July heatwave


Hertfordshire Fire Service: 'Enjoy the great outdoors but beware of the risks of fire'

Hertfordshire Fire Service safety tips for the heatwave Credit: PA Images

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service heatwave safety tips:

1) Never throw the ends out of car windows. After smoking, make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished and thrown away safely.

2) Try to avoid lighting open fires outside wherever possible.

3) Only barbecue in areas where they are allowed.

4) Always take your rubbish with you – especially glass bottles, as these can magnify the sun’s rays and start fires and hurt people and animals.

5) If you must have an open fire, clear dry vegetation and leaves away and build a stack around the flame that will collapse inwards while burning.

6) Never leave a fire unattended and make sure they are always fully extinguished after use.

Heatwave prompts fire safety warnings

More than 25 firefighters were called to this field blaze at Swaffham in Norfolk yesterday afternoon

Tinder dry conditions have caused outbreaks of fire across the county. In Hertfordshire the number of grass and crop fires this month is almost four times as many compared to last year.

Fire officers say small fires can soon become large ones, and putting them out is becoming a drain on their fire fighting resources.

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have been called to 111 incidents involving crops, grass and the open countryside since the start of July 2013.

Chief Fire Officer and Director of Community Protection, Roy Wilsher said: "We want people to have a great summer. However, I'd like to remind people to take care and think about fire safety while enjoying the warm weather.

"The ground is currently very dry and, in conditions like this, it doesn't take much to start a fire.

"Every year acres of countryside and wildlife habitats are destroyed by fire and the risk increases considerably during dry weather.

"Although outdoor fires are rarely life-threatening to people, they can cause long-lasting damage to our surroundings and fires of this sort are easily preventable if you take sensible precautions."

Click here to read the Governments Heatwave Plan for 2013

Wildfire warning as temperature rises

Firefighters warn of risk of wildfires in hot weather Credit: ITV News Anglia

Our region's emergency services say the risk of fires in the current hot weather has risen to an "exceptional level".

More than 25 firefighters were called to a field blaze at Swaffham in Norfolk on Wednesday afternoon.

It's thought to have started because of the hot weather.

Norfolk firefighters tackle a countryside wildfire Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Met Office say that rainfall has only been at around 15% of average monthly totals so far.

The country experienced the hottest day of the year so far on Wednesday, with the mercury hitting 32.2C (90F)

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