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Footage captures “outrageous” 140mph stunts on Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire roads

Video report by ITV Anglia Rob Halden-Pratt.

Six motorcyclists who took part in an “outrageous” level of dangerous riding in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire have been banned from driving for more than 10 years.

The offences occurred south on the A1(M) Hatfield and along the A421 in Bedford on Sunday 13 April 2014.

Video footage released by Hertfordshire police shows them speeding at more than 140mph.

The drivers were spotted doing wheelies while standing on the seat of the motorcycle and another was seen overtaking and undertaking - both at high speeds.

The motorcyclists were disqualified from driving and ordered to pay £500 costs, after pleading guilty to dangerous driving offences St Albans Crown court.

The defendants acted with a group mentality, presumably trying to impress each other with their outrageous and extremely dangerous antics.

They are fortunate that they did not cause a serious accident.

Our roads are not a playground for those who want to participate in extreme motorsports.

– PC Damian Bevan, RPU,

After the heatwave comes the weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms

The Met Office has extended the yellow warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms across the whole of East Anglia.

Its warning of the risk of localised flash flooding and hail along with potential for disruption to travel and power supplies.

The area covered by a Met Office yellow weather warning on Wednesday 20 July 2016. Credit: Met Office

The weather warning is valid until 9pm on Wednesday 20 July 2016

The Met Office says areas of heavy thunderstorms will continue to affect parts of Scotland and northern England into this afternoon before slowly clearing away northeast.

However isolated heavy thunderstorms may still develop across Scotland and parts of England, including some central, eastern and southeastern areas, this afternoon and this evening.

The Met Office said: "Whilst most places will miss the worst, please be aware of the risk of localised flash flooding. Frequent lightning, large hail and strong winds could be additional hazards. All of this could lead to some flooding of homes, businesses and transport networks. Disruption to power is also possible."

"Hot, moist air spreading north and northeast across the UK today will produce thunderstorms, initially organised within large areas of rain before becoming more isolated this afternoon.

"Rainfall will be very variable, but some places could see around 30 mm in an hour and more than 50 mm in a few hours.

"The thunderstorms later this afternoon are likely to be most widespread across northern England and Scotland, and it is here that there is the greatest risk of disruption.

"Further south, they will be much more isolated, with disruption less likely, across the rest of England."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment


Unemployment falls to 112,000 in East Anglia

Unemployment has fallen across East Anglia. Credit: PA

There's been a small fall in unemployment across the Anglia region.

It's down by 1,000 in the East of England to 112,000 people.

That's 3.5% of the workforce - the lowest jobless rate of any region in the UK.

The number of people unemployed in East Anglia.

In the East Midlands, which includes Northamptonshire, the total was down by a similar amount to 106,000 people.

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