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Bizarre by-laws such as a 'ban on beating carpets in public' to be scrapped

A number of bizarre by-laws, which include a ban on the beating of carpets in public, look set to be axed in Hertfordshire.

The regulations, which date back as far as 1874, cover a wide range of issues from the use of the public swimming baths to licenses for horse drawn wagons.

But after councillors for North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) voted in favour of revoking the 52 by-laws, their time could soon be up.

  • A ban on beating carpets.
  • Residents not allowed to 'burden' the land with sheep and goats.
  • The hanging of linen on a village green for drying or bleaching.

"What may seem quirky today would probably have been appropriate and welcomed by residents when introduced to improve safety and deal with the problems of the time. NHDC has not pursued any prosecutions under its by-laws recently as many of them are out of date, but by undertaking this review we will ensure that any by-laws in operation are fit for purpose."

– Spokesperson from NHDC

There will now be a public consolation on the axing of the by-laws, after which a report will go back to the council.

The most recent by-law, which regulates the cleanliness of tattoo parlours and was introduced in 2007, will remain in place.


Five-year-old reunited with stolen birthday presents

Jayden was very excited to see his presents! Credit: Hertfordshire police

A five-year-old boy from Letchworth has been reunited with his birthday presents after they were stolen from the boot of a car.

Jayden Wijemunige's gifts were taken from his dad’s car in Monklands at the beginning of the month.

The youngster thought the presents had been lost forever, but they were recovered after a member of the public spotted them dumped in the front garden of a property in Icknield Way.

Jayden was so sure that police were going to get him his presents back, but we realised it might not happen.

However, we are so pleased that they did and we can’t thank them enough for making our son smile again. He is a very happy boy now.

– Manjula and Watsala Wijemunige, Jayden’s parents

Police are now appealing for anyone who saw anything suspicious in Monklands between 2pm on Monday 3 April and 1pm on Wednesday 5 April.

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