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Richard III's Northamptonshire roots

Archaelogists are celebrating an extraordinary discovery after confirming that the body found buried under a car park in Leicester is that of King Richard III - the last monarch to die in battle, in 1485.

Today's revelations haven't just caused a stir where the King met his death, but also at the place where he was born - in Northamptonshire.


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'We have searched for Richard and we have found him'

"Wow, today marks the culmination of an extraordinary journey of discovery.

We have searched for Richard and we have found him, now it is time to honour him."

– Philippa Langley, Richard III Society

She describes how it was a near-miss. The dig almost got cancelled because one of the funding bodies pulled out.

The tomb design will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Remains of Northamptonshire born King found

King Richard III skull was found under a Leicester car park Credit: University of Leicester

More than 550 years since he was born at Fotheringay Castle in Northamptonshire, the body of King Richard III has been found under a car park in Leicester.

The last Yorkist King died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Henry Tudor won that battle and took the throne as Henry VII.

King Richard III's body was exhumed in September. The skeleton had a curved spine, consistent with accounts of Richard III's appearance. Today, scientists at the University of Leicester confirmed that - after DNA testing - the body was that of the former King's.


Remembering an historic disaster

A campaign has been launched in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk to remember 79 people who drowned in 1845.

They were among thousands of people who'd gone to watch a clown sail down the river in a tub pulled by geese.

59 of the dead were children who were on the bridge to watch a widely-advertised stunt to drum up publicity for a circus that had just arrived in the town.

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