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Village fighting in favour of building more houses

Quite often plans for village expansion and huge new estates of houses are met with fierce opposition and local protest.

But one community in Suffolk is putting forward plans to expand their village which residents say is vital to sustain its future.

Lavenham was more houses built so there are affordable homes for younger people. Credit: ITV News Anglia

91% of those in Lavenham who voted were in favour of plans to build around 100 homes over the next decade.

Currently, expensive housing means it's mainly the older generation who can afford to live in the area. Now villagers want to bring young families back.

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Concerns over green belt building plans for Bedfordshire

There are concerns about the number of homes planned for green belt land in Bedfordshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Countryside campaigners are worried parts of rural Bedfordshire are becoming a "building site" to cope with London's housing overspill.

A report from the Campaign to Protect Rural England says England's green belt land is under an unprecedented level of threat.

In Bedfordshire, 13,000 homes are proposed for green belt land - higher than the number proposed for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Kent combined.


New homes on old RAF Northstowe base

The Northstowe project would see the creation of a new town between Huntingdon and Cambridge.

The Government now wants to commission new homes itself if developers fail to meet the demand for house building and Northstowe could be used for the scheme.

It comes as the Government announced its new national infrastructure plan - which will also see £44 million spent on building a new railway station at Cambridge's Science Park.

Property price warning

A homeless charity has warned that 93 per cent of properties for sale in the East of England are unaffordable for first-time buyers.

Shelter says there black spots across our region where the average working family as little chance of getting on the property ladder.

Their research showed that Cambridge and Uttlesford in Essex were among worst areas for affordable housing

Fastest May rise for property prices

Property website Rightmove says it's recorded the largest house price incease ever for this time of year.

It comes as the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has expressed doubts over the sustainability of the current growth.

Between April and May East Anglia saw average prices increase by 1.4 per cent to more than £242,000.

The East Midlands, including Northamptonshire, saw a jump of 2.3 per cent to more than £179,000.

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