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Protests over planned new houses in Cambridgeshire

Protestors are continuing to fight a proposed new town in Cambridgeshire ahead of a council vote.

They're concerned South Cambridgeshire District Council's plans for what it calls 'much-needed housing' at Waterbeach will put strain on local services and infrastructure.

If given the go-ahead, the plans would also include a new village at Bourne Airfield and an extension to the Cambourne development near Cambridge.

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People in the East dogged with mortgage and rent concerns, according to charity

People in the East are worried about how they can afford to pay their rent or mortgage. Credit: PA

One in 10 people in East Anglia is starting their New Year dogged by worries over how they can afford to pay their rent or mortgage, according to charity Shelter.

Some 10% of people in the region said they will fret about keeping the roof over their heads during January, as the hangover from Christmas bills kicks in.

More than four in 10 (42%) said they expected to struggle or fall behind with their rent or mortgage in 2014.

Across the country, 9% of more than 4,000 people surveyed said they would be worried about rent or mortgage payments this year.

Families were found to be the worst affected, with more than two-thirds (70%) of rent or mortgage payers with children saying they are either finding it tough to keep up with their payments or have fallen behind, compared with 63% of the general population of rent or mortgage payers.

Nationally, more than one in three (38%) expect to struggle or fall behind with their rent or mortgage over the next 12 months, the research found.

Shelter warned of a worrying "ostrich effect" of people being unable to face up to their financial difficulties, with nearly one fifth of people (18%) saying they had not opened post if they thought it was a bill or late payment reminder.

One in eight (14%) people admitted to putting correspondence in the bin without opening it - with this figure rising to one in six (16%) in the East of England.



House sales expectations in the East hit 2-year high

Expectations for house sales in the East have hit a two year high according to RICS

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says the expectations for house sales in the East of England have hit a two-year high.

36% more chartered surveyors in the East expect home sales will rise rather than fall in the coming three months. It's the most positive reading since May 2001.

RICS says there's increased confidence with interest from would-be buyers rising for three months in a row following the announcement of the government's Help to Buy Scheme.

New homes for South Cambridgeshire

Plans for 1500 new homes have been approved in South Cambridgeshire. Construction could start on the first phase of the Northstowe development as early as next year.

Plans for the development Credit: ITV Anglia

A housing shortage means 10,000 new homes might have to be built.

Construction could start next year Credit: ITV Anglia

Council tenants to benefit from cash windfall

Basildon Council is to receive almost £40m between 2013 and 2015 as part of the government's decent homes programme. The money was dependent on the Council’s performance and the availability of funding.

“I am delighted that this money was secured and that we can spend nearly£38m over the two years on improving our tenants' homes. This money will make a positive improvement to the quality of life forresidents, and improve many of our homes across the Borough."

– Phil Turner - Deputy Leader, Basildon Council

In total the Council will receive £67m in decent homes funding. Almost £30mhas already been invested in the Council’s housing stock since 2011.The money will be spent on improving council homes including roofs,kitchens, bathrooms and windows.

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