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30 schoolchildren involved in bus crash

Thirty schoolchildren were among those involved in a collision between a car and a bus near Huntingdon.

Fire crews from Huntingdon and Ramsey attended the accident near the village of Bury.

None of the children were hurt but one man was taken to hospital after receiving first aid at the scene.

One person was taken to hospital following the accident which involved a bus carrying 30 schoolchildren. Credit: PA


New multi-million pound critical care centre opened at Hinchingbrooke Hospital

A new multi-million pound critical care centre has been built at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon.

The proposal was first put forward more than 25 years ago.

Staff say patients will finally get the privacy and dignity they deserve in individual rooms rather than overcrowded open wards.

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Family bids to promote safe swimming after their son drowns in Cambridgeshire river

With the school summer holidays just around the corner, the family of a boy who drowned in a river in Cambridgeshire last summer have helped to launch a campaign to promote safe swimming.

15-year-old Rony John couldn't swim - but had jumped into the River Great Ouse at Huntingdon while playing with friends.

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How to stay safe in the water

  • Swimming at properly-supervised sites, such as beaches, lidos or swimming pools, is best, although RoSPA appreciates that not everyone can get to these locations.
  • If you choose to go to an unsupervised site, think through the hazards first and ensure you know what to do if something goes wrong.
  • One of the hazards to consider is that water can be a lot colder than you are expecting so be careful if you jump in or go for a swim to cool off.
  • Consider wearing a well-fitting wetsuit, which can keep you warm and offer some buoyancy in the water.
  • Before you get into the water, consider how you are going to get out again e.g. are there steep banks that might make it difficult to get out?Be honest about your swimming ability.
  • Remember that alcohol and swimming never mix.
  • Parents and carers: discuss the hazards with your children and remind them that children should never swim alone at unsupervised locations.

Advice courtesy of RoSPA

Man cut from van after four-vehicle crash

A crash on the A1 near Huntingdon involved a van, two lorries and a car. Credit: Cambridgeshire Fire Service.

A man had to be cut from his van following a crash which also involved two lorries and a car in Cambridgeshire.

Emergency services were called to the scene on the A1, southbound, between Sawtry and Alconbury, near Huntingdon, at about 8.50am on Tuesday.

Three lanes of the road had to be closed.


'He had an answer for everything' - Cambridgeshire hairdresser becomes victim of latest phone scam

Hairdresser Jenny Tofts has become a victim of the latest phone scam to hit the region. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

A hairdresser from Cambridgeshire has been conned out of thousands of pounds after falling victim to the latest phone scam to hit the region.

Jenny Tofts, of Little Paxton, near Huntingdon, received a call telling her a court judgement had gone against her.

The caller told her baliffs would be sent in to seize her business's equipment if she did not pay up immediately.

She is warning others not to be caught out in the same way.

"He had an answer for everything. You end up getting sucked into it."

– Jenny Tofts, scam victim.

Matthew Hudson reports.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital is handed back to NHS

Hinchingbrooke Hospital is handed back to the NHS to run it today Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hinchingbrooke Hospital is being handed back to the NHS to run it from today. It comes after the private company 'Circle' which ran the trust, ended its contract there yesterday.

Bosses say there will be no noticeable change or disruption for staff or patients.

Hinchingbrooke was the UK's only privately run NHS Trust, until the company running it decided to end its contract earlier this year.

"We wanted to achieve this transition quickly and without any disruption to staff or services for patients. The only changes will be to Trust management and we will be welcoming new NHS board members. There will be no change for staff and patients - the hospital will continue to provide the services that are available to patients at the moment, under NHS management."

– Trust Chief Executive, Mr Hisham Abdel-Rahman

Hinchingbrooke Hospital to be handed back to the NHS

Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon. Credit: PA

The UK's only privately-run NHS hospital, Hinchingbrooke in Huntingdon, will be handed back to the health service next month.

Circle, the company that currently runs the hospital, announced in January that it planned to pull out of its 10 year contract - saying it was unsustainable.

The hospital, which was placed in special measures in January, will revert back from the April 1.

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