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Summer brings warning of illegal raves

People in rural areas are being asked to look out for signs of illegal raves. They become more frequent in the summer, with sometimes hundreds of people turning up for events which can go on for days.

Police at an illegal rave at Bourne near Peterborough last May Credit: ITV News Anglia

Northamptonshire Police say the unlicensed events can be noisy and disruptive, and that once a rave has begun it can be very difficult to shut it down. At one at Bourne near Peterborough last year 43 people were arrested and 3 officers ended up in hospital after being injured.

Organisers often scope out potential sites in the days before and the police are asking rural communities to keep an eye out for signs, such as posters, damages gates, flattened hedgerow, or people parking by fields and going in to look around.

"People will usually ring us to complain about traffic movements and anti-social behaviour as people start to turn-up to a rave, but they can also help by being alert to anything that is out of the ordinary in their community, no matter how trivial it may seem... I would urge anyone who spots anything out of the ordinary in their village, along a country road or around farm land to please let us know."

– Spokesperson - Northamptonshire Police

Suffolk police in illegal rave warning

Suffolk police is warning of a zero-tolerance approach on raves Credit: PA

Suffolk Police is planning extra patrols in a crack down on illegal raves over the New Year period.

The force has said it will adopt a zero-tolerance approach and is asking people to report suspicious behavior and to look out for signs of unlicensed events taking place.

Officers find it much harder to shut down a rave once it has already started so they say the force is trying to take preventative action.