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Up to 3,000 homes left without water after main bursts in Northamptonshire

Up to 3,000 homes were left without water in Northamptonshire this morning, because of a burst water main.

Thousands of people were affected - with five schools in Finedon and Irthlingborough closed for the day - while engineers tried to fix the leak.

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Anglian Water says change in temperature 'likely' cause of burst water main

Anglian Water has fixed the burst water main affecting homes, schools and businesses in the Irthlingborough and Finedon areas of Northamptonshire.

Engineers have been working through the morning to repair a pipe which burst earlier today.

Five schools had to close this morning.

Anglian Water's Emma Staples says the likely cause is the change from cold to warmer ground temperatures - which can sometimes affect the pipes.

Anglian Water, Huntingdon Credit: ITV News Anglia


Anglian Water say supply is back on in Irthlingborough

Co-owner Petrina Alderman at her Animal Centre in Irthlingborough Credit: ITV News Anglia

There has been disruption to schools, homes and businesses in Northamptonshire today after a burst water main has affected the Finedon and Irthlingborough areas.

One animal centre in Irthlingborough houses around 500 animals and has been without water.

But Anglian water now say the supply is now back on.

Anglian Water have restored the supply of water Credit: Anglian Water

"We are very sorry for the impact on customers today while we were fixing a burst to a main - we know that being without water for any length of time can be really disruptive and we are very very sorry for that. The crews were working through the early hours in the morning and right through the morning trying to get it repaired as quickly as possible."

– Emma Staples, Anglian Water

Anglian Water say that when the water returns it may look a bit cloudy and they advise people to run their taps for a while until it clears.

If it does not clear call 03457 145 145

Waking up without water after burst main in Northants

Michela from Irthlingborough is 7 months pregnant Credit: ITV News Anglia

A burst water main in the Irthlingborough and Finedon areas of Northamptonshire this morning has caused disruption to water supplies to many homes and businesses.

Five schools have also been forced to close.

Michela from Irthlingborough - who is 7 months pregnant - woke up to no water this morning.

Her house is still without water and luckily she has bottles of water in her house.

Anglian Water has staff working to restore the supply.

Anglian Water working to fix burst water main in Northants

Water supplies disrupted, Anglian Water working to fix burst water main Credit: Anglian Water

Anglian Water says it has staff working to fix a burst water main in the Irthlingborough and Finedon area of Northamptonshire.

There is currently little or no water pressure in the area and five schools have had to be closed because of the disruption to supply.

Anglian water expects the supply to be fixed by 1pm today and has apologised for the " inconvenience " caused.

The burst water main is off the A510 just outside of Finedon.

Burst water main closes five schools

Huxlow Science College, Irthlingborough is closed because of the burst water main Credit: ITV News Anglia

Five schools in Northamptonshire have been closed today because of a burst water main.

Finedon Infant School, Finedon Mulso CEVA Junior School, Huxlow Science College, Irthlingborough Junior School and Irthlingborough Nursery and Infant School have all been shut.

The two schools in Finedon say they will text parents when the water is back on.

More information can be found at the county council website.