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Essex sisters blow away the myths surrounding hair loss in women

It can shatter self confidence and make women's lives a misery.

Losing their hair can be a traumatic experience and its estimated that alopecia affects more than 300,000 girls and women in the East of England.

In our latest update from Fixers - the campaign that gives youngsters a voice - a teenager from Witham in Essex wants to make life easier for those with the condition.

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Fixers: How a teenager from Peterborough is using his love of comic book heroes to inspire others

It's the inspiring story from a young man from Peterborough who's fighting his cancer with the help of some super-heroes.

Ben Clifton has enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to pass on his message to other teens.

He believes that staying strong can help you battle the disease and he's using comic book heroes to help him prove it.

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ITV Fixers: Chelsey asks why is disability ignored by the media?

A young model from Essex is calling on the media to give disabled people due prominence, since they represent one in sixth of the population in our region.

Chelsey Jay says disabled people are woefully under-represented and has enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to make her point in a powerful viral ad.

Fixers: Harwich man aiming to make it easier to report online abuse

A third of school children say they have been bullied online, while one in thirteen say they're the victims of continuous abuse, according to a bullying charity.

Now a young man from Harwich is calling on websites to install a panic button for victims, after himself facing online abuse.

He's enlisted the help of Fixers, the campaign that gives young people a voice, to get his message out.

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Fostered teens encourage others to overcome their fears

Around 6,500 children in our region are in care, many with families who're trying to make them feel at home. But it can be an uneasy relationship.

In this month's update from ITV Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - we hear from two girls who over-came their own mistrust, and are now encouraging other cared-for children to embrace their new lives.

For information about ITV Fixers visit the website.

If you are a young person living with a foster family and would like some help or advice, visit the charity Barnardo's website.

ITV Fixers report on tackling homophobia

They faced abuse and name-calling at school... now a group of gay and lesbian young people from Norwich have come up with a novel way of tackling homophobia.

In this month's update from Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - they are giving others an insight into how it feels like to be bullied because of your sexuality and hope their story will make a difference.

You can find out more about Fixers and other projects they have done here.