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More calls after murder leaflet campaign

Jay Whiston Credit: Essex Police

Police investigating the murder of a teenager in Colchester say they've recieved a number of calls after a poster campaign this weekend. Seventeen year old Jay Whiston was stabbed at a house party on Marlowe Way on September 8.

Police asked people gardening over Easter to help in the search for the murder weapon. Detectives say theyr are now following up on the calls.

Detectives disappointed with response to appeal

Jay Whiston
Jay was murdered at a house party in Colchester

Detectives investigating the murder of a Clacton student say they've had a disappointing response to their latest appeal for information.

Jay Whiston, 17, was stabbed at a house pary in Colchester in September. At a news conference yesterday his mother and sister made an emotional plea.

Essex police say they're frustrated that so far no-one has been able to help them catch Jay's killer.


Appeal to catch a killer

The mother and sister of a teenager stabbed to death in Essex have appealed for help to catch his killer.

Jay Whiston died following the attack at a house party in Colchester in September. Yesterday would have been his 18th birthday.

So far no-one has been charged with Jay's murder. Police hope this appeal along with a significant new clue will help them catch his killer.

Emotional plea for murdered teenager

Jay and his mother Credit: Essex Police

Detectives have made an appeal for information the day after a boy who was stabbed at a party in Colchester would have turned 18.

Jay Whiston was stabbed at a house party on Marlowe Way on the 8th September last year. The 17-year-old died a short time later in hospital. Detectives today said he had been stabbed and that one wound had penetrated his heart.

At a news conference, Jay’s 47-year-old mother, Caroline Shearer, said:

"Sunday would have been Jay’s 18th birthday. If we could catch the person or people responsible, then at least justice would be done.

It won’t bring back my son, but we could all rest knowing that these people can’t hurt anyone else. Please come forward and contact the police. Please make this the last appeal I have to make.”

Jay Whiston was 17 when he was killed Credit: ITV Anglia

Caroline’s daughter and Jay’s sister, 25-year-old Holly Fairburn added: "Please help the police to find Jay’s killer. Please don’t shield people that could devastate another family’s lives as they have ours.”

Senior Investigating Officer, DCI Simon Parkes, called on those protecting the student’s killer to contact them in confidence.

"We don’t know what was in the mind of those who attacked Jay at the house party, but I don’t believe this was about Jay being targeted.

When a fight broke out Jay stood his ground and tragically became the victim of mindless violence. We have had a tremendous response from our initial requests for information. I would like to thank those who have been interviewed by my team and given statements. Their help has been invaluable.

However, we do know there are those who have yet to come forward. It is essential that we are able to reconstruct what happened that night; to recreate the movements frame by frame of Jay and his attacker or attackers.

We have no doubt there are those who are aware of events which took place that September night but through some sense of misplaced loyalty are protecting Jay’s killer.”

Police are looking for information regarding this T-shirt Credit: Essex Police

Police are also appealing for information about the murder weapon, which they know to be a knife, and also for information about a red-and-white River Island polo T-shirt.

'Stop hiding' says mother of murdered teenager

The mother of a teenager killed at a party last year has asked people to 'stop hiding' to try and find his killer.

Jay Whiston would have celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday but he was stabbed at a house party on Marlowe Way in Colchester on 8th September.

Jay Whiston was 17 when he was killed Credit: ITV Anglia

Jay's mother Caroline Shearer said:

'People were brave enough to do it so be brave enough to come forward. Stop hiding like frightened children. Jay was 18 yesterday. All we could buy him were two helium balloons because someone murdered him.

It's not just affected me or Holly [his sister] it's affected the entire community.'

Jay Whiston with his mother Caroline Shearer Credit: Essex Police

The teenager's sister, 25-year-old Holly Fairburn, said: "Please help the police to find Jay's killer. Please don't shield people that could devastate another family's lives as they have ours."

Today police revealed at a press conference that he was stabbed three times and that one stab penetrated his heart. DCI Simon Parks said Jay was not an intended target, he was a 'victim of mindless violence.'

The T-shirt Credit: Essex Police

The murder weapon has still not be found and police are appealing for more witnesses to come forward.

They have released an image of a red and white River Island T-shirt that they believe one of the potential murder suspects wore. The T-shirt is yet to be found. 8 people have been bailed until March in connection with the incident.


Renewed appeal on murdered Jay Whiston's birthday

Jay Whiston was 17 when he died, but would have turned 18 today

Detectives investigating the murder of a Clacton teenager are renewing their appeal for information today, as it would have been his 18th birthday.

Jay Whiston was stabbed at a house party on Marlowe Way in Colchester on 8th September last year.

Police are frustrated nobody has come forward with information to help identify his killer.

Four arrested after Colchester party stabbing

Four people are being questioned by police after a stabbing in Colchester in which a 17-year-old boy died.

Jay Whiston was attacked at a house party on Marlowe Way just after 10pm on Saturday 8 September. He died a short time later in hospital.

Detectives arrested three men and one woman at a house in the Colchester area just after 6am this morning.

A 51-year-old man, an 18-year-old man and a 42-year-old woman from the Colchester area and a 17-year-old girl from Clacton are being questioned by detectives at a police station in north Essex.

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