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More jobs at airport

More jobs at Norwich Airport Credit: ITV Anglia

At least 20 new jobs have been created at Norwich Airport. The airport says it needs to recruit extra staff to cater for a predicted increase in passenger numbers this summer compared to last year. New routes to destinations such as Tenerife and Tunisia are set to be launched.

Cambridge one of the best areas to find a job

Cambridge one of the best places for a job Credit: ITV Anglia

Competition for jobs varies wildly across the UK, with 55 jobseekers for each vacancy in some areas and less than one in others, including Cambridge, according to research. Hull was named as the most difficult place to find work, with Aberdeen the easiest, revealed the study.

Around 55 people chased every vacancy in Hull in 2012, and 25 at Southend, in Essex.

In contrast, there were fewer than one jobseeker per vacancy in Aberdeen and Cambridge,

London was the best-paying city with average salaries of over £41,000, followed by Aberdeen (£37,670), and Cambridge (£34,009).

The top employer this year is said to be the London 2012 Olympic Games, creating around 100,000 jobs, although most of them were temporary.



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