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Cambridge MP said he'll remain committed to Labour

Zeichner said he's "a passionate pro-European and a straight-forward politician." Credit: ITV News Anglia

MP Daniel Zeichner said he'll remain committed to fighting for both Cambridge and Labour after resigning from the party's frontbench over the party's policy on Brexit.

The Labour MP stepped down from his position as Shadow Transport Minister in order to vote in favour of an amendment to the Queen's Speech supporting the UK's membership of the single market - despite leader Jeremy Corbyn telling MPs to abstain.

Mr Zeichner said it's been an honour to serve on the frontbench under Jeremy Corbyn.

New Bedford MP targets key issues in his constituency

  • Video report by ITV News Anglia's Stuart Leithes

The new MP for Bedford, Labour's Mohammad Yasin, has been out in the borough enjoying his first full day in office.

He took the seat from the Conservative's Richard Fuller, with a majority of almost 800 votes in Thursday's election.

Mohammad Yasin has lived in Bedford for more than 25 years and he was a Labour borough councillor for more than a decade.

I want to work for the people, work for the Bedford hospital, I want to work for the local schools and our police.

There are many other issues which I will be dealing with in the future, but these are the main issues in Bedford.

That's the reason I stood in this election, so I can make a difference.

– Mohammad Yasin MP


Bedfordshire's outspoken PCC loses out to Tory candidate

Kathryn Holloway is the new PCC for Bedfordshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Bedfordshire's outspoken inaugural Police and Crime Commissioner has been beaten by his Conservative rival.

Olly Martins was the only Labour PCC in the region following the 2012 election.

But, following the second count, he today lost the role to Tory Kathryn Holloway by nearly 2,000 votes.

Labour loses all seats in Rochford as Tories hold a reduced majority

Conservatives remain in overall control despite losses. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Labour has lost all its seats on Rochford council as the Tories held onto overall control.

But it was not all good news for the Conservatives, who lost six councillors taking their majority down to three.

UKIP, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and the independent candidates all benefited from Labour and the Tories' losses.


Jeremy Corbyn rallies support ahead of local elections

Jeremy Corbyn in MIlton Keynes

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been in Milton Keynes rallying support for his party ahead of the local elections in May.

They'll be the first real test of his leadership since he took over the job from Ed Miliband.

ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper has been speaking to him about the challenge of winning more Labour councillors

Charles Clarke says he supports those who refuse to serve in a Jermey Corbyn Shadow Cabinet

Former Norwich MP Charles Clarke says he understands why some people wouldn't want to serve in a Jeremy Corbyn Shadow Cabinet should the left-winger be crowned Labour leader.

Mr Clarke, a former Home Secretary, told Anglia Late Edition that he wouldn't serve either if in the same position.

He said in every leadership group that he'd worked in he needed to respect the leader he was dealing with.

But he was also optimistic that the party would work together.

"I know the party as a whole will try and hold together and work together.

"On the other hand, Jeremy has a set of views and outlooks which many people in the party will find it difficult to identify with and so the process of getting the party to work together will be difficult."

– Charles Clarke
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