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Labour's Bob Blizzard to stand down following Conservative win in Waveney

Bob Blizzard on the campaign trail during this election campaign. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour's Bob Blizzard has announced this is his final election campaign.

In his post-declaration speech, he said after 5 elections and 3 wins, he's standing down "while he's ahead".

He thanked his campaign team for their efforts and hard work, saying this was his "best campaign Labour had fought" in the Waveney constituency. He declined any media interviews afterwards and left the count promptly.

Peter Aldous kept hold of his seat. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The successful Conservative candidate, Peter Aldous, said it had been a "tough but fair fight" and wished Bob Blizzard well in the future.


Miliband's plea to voters: 'Tell your friends, your family and neighbours how important this is'

With just two days of campaign left until polling day, Ed Miliband has made an impassioned plea to voters to have their voices heard during a visit to Bedfordshire.

The Labour leader was in Kempston, near Bedford, this morning during one of his final visits of the election.

He told an audience that Thursday's poll was set to be "one of the closest we have ever seen".

"Tell your friends, your family and your neighbours how important this is. Every single person in our country could make the difference in this election."

– Ed Miliband, Labour leader.

Parliamentary candidate convicted of fraud

A Labour parliamentary candidate for Wellingborough has been convicted after buying hundreds of pounds of rail tickets on a closed account.

Richard Garvie Credit: Submitted

Richard Garvie, from Corby, had denied fraud at Wellingborough Magistrates' Court.

His name will still appear on the ballot for next week's election despite being suspended by the Labour Party.

Garvie, who's 30, is due to be sentenced next month. He has said he will appeal against the verdict and has released a statement:

"I am quite confident that the paperwork will show that I have not done anything wrong."

– Richard Garvie

The Electoral Commission's released a statement:

The electoral timetable is set out in law and election law is clear that ballot papers cannot be changed after the close of nominations. The outcome of any election can only be challenged through an election petition.

– Electoral Commission
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