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Drunk driver admits causing death of passenger

Steven Samuel has pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving. Credit: Suffolk Police.

A motorist from Cambridgeshire who lost control of his car after drinking alcohol has pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving.

Steven Samuel crashed into a tree as he was travelling along Undley Road in Lakenham on October 19 last year.

The front-seat passenger - 22-year-old John Joe Scott from Wingfield Road in the village - was killed.

Samuel, 21, of Hasse Road in Soham, admitted causing death by careless driving at a hearing at Ipswich Crown Court on Thursday.

He was released on bail and will be sentenced next week.


Cley helicopter crash report: "At least three geese penetrated the windscreen"

A flock of geese caused a US military helicopter to crash in Norfolk earlier this year, according to investigators.

The aircraft was on a routine training mission from RAF Lakenheath when it went down on January 7 at Cley-next-the-Sea.

The birds rendered the pilot and co-pilot unconscious.

Captains Christopher Stover and Sean Ruane and Technical Sergeant Dale Mathews were killed, along with their female colleague Staff Sergeant Afton Ponce.

"A flock of geese took flight from Cley Marshes, likely startled by the noise of the approaching helicopters, and struck the MA (helicopter).

At least three geese penetrated the windscreen, rendering the mishap pilot and mishap co-pilot unconscious, and at least one goose struck the mishap aerial gunner in the performance of special mission aviator duties, rendering the mishap aerial gunner unconscious."

– US Air Force report

Norfolk: USAF report finds that 'multiple bird strikes' caused Cley helicopter crash

The scene of helicopter crash at Cley. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A report by the US Air Force had found that "multiple bird strikes" caused an RAF Lakenheath helicopter to crash at Cley-next-the-Sea in Norfolk in January this year.

Four American servicemen died during the collision.

The report says the pilot and co-pilot were knocked unconscious by the bird strikes.

More details to follow

Report suggests RAF Lakenheath could close

Reports RAF Lakenheath could close. Credit: PA Images

A report commissioned by the American government has suggested that RAF Lakenheath in West Suffolk could close.

The closure of the base has been recommended in a report put forward by the RAND Corporation. The report says that shutting Lakenheath could save over $2 million dollars every year.

Around 4000 people currently work at the base, including about two thousand civilians.

Police renew appeal for information over attack on 89-year-old

Connie Halford Credit: ITV News

One month on and Suffolk Police are renewing their appeal for information after an elderly woman was attacked in her home in Lakenheath in Suffolk.

Connie Halford, 89, was knocked to the ground by intruders at her home in Arrowhead Drive in Lakenheath on 17th February.

Officers are also keen to trace the driver of a black Vauxhall car that was seen in the area at the time.


One week on: £2,000 reward offered to help catch 89-year-old's attackers

Connie Hallford, who was attacked at her home in Lakenheath. Credit: Suffolk Police.

Police have returned to the scene of an asault on an 89-year-old woman, a week after three masked men burst into her home.

It comes as crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers announced a £2,000 reward for information which leads to the arrest of Connie Hallford's attackers.

She was in her living room at Arrowhead Drive in Lakenheath at about 7.45pm on Monday when she heard a loud bang at her front door.

She was hit on the head and knocked to the floor as three men ran into her home and demanded money.

Last night, police returned to the scene to carry out checks, speaking to pedestrians and motorists who may have been in the area at the time of the attack.

Officers spoke to 25 people as part of their investigations.

Det Insp David Giles, who is leading the inquiries, said: "We hope having officers in the area may have jogged someone’s memory from last week. Something that may not have seemed significant at the time may be the small piece of information we need.

"Connie is still receiving help and support and doing surprisingly well considering her ordeal."

89-year-old woman attacked by three men in Lakenheath home says she told trio to "clear off"

An elderly woman who was attacked in her home at Lakenheath in Suffolk by three masked men has been speaking about her ordeal.

Connie Hallford, who is 89, was taken to hospital with a cut to her head after one of the men knocked her to the floor and demanded money in the assault on Monday evening.

"Three of them jumped over all the wreckage, and I told them to clear off," Connie told ITV News Anglia's Luke Farrington.

"One of the them, the one I disliked mainly, hit me on the head with something and I fell to the floor."

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Lakenheath attack victim expected to leave hospital

An 89-year-old woman was attacked at her home in Lakenheath. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

An elderly woman who was attacked in her home by three masked men is expected to be discharged from hospital later today.

The 89-year-old suffered head injuries in the assault at Arrowhead Drive in Lakenheath on Monday evening.

She was struck to the floor after the three men burst into her home at about 7.30pm.

They demanded money and searched the property before leaving.

Community's shock after gang attack elderly woman

People living on a street where an elderly woman was attacked in her own home have spoken of their shock.

An 89-year-old woman is spending her second night in hospital after she was attacked by three masked men.

One of her neighbours said: "We obviously have to be more vigilant in the local community, particularly keeping our eyes and ears open, especially for elderly and vulnerable people.

"After dark this is when the cowards creep out."

Police have condemned the attack at Arrowhead Drive as despicable and urged the public to help find those responsible.

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