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Village fighting in favour of building more houses

Quite often plans for village expansion and huge new estates of houses are met with fierce opposition and local protest.

But one community in Suffolk is putting forward plans to expand their village which residents say is vital to sustain its future.

Lavenham was more houses built so there are affordable homes for younger people. Credit: ITV News Anglia

91% of those in Lavenham who voted were in favour of plans to build around 100 homes over the next decade.

Currently, expensive housing means it's mainly the older generation who can afford to live in the area. Now villagers want to bring young families back.

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Controversial sign to be replaced

The Tickled Pink sign has been defaced in the past Credit: ITV Anglia

The owner of a Suffolk tearoom is replacing a sign that has caused years of controversy.

The sign at Tickled Pink in Lavenham shows a teamaid lying on a bench, and has angered some locals for being too risque.

In the past it has been defaced, and its owner Maxine Mansfield says she has had to replace the sign three times. She now says that she is planning to change it for a picture of Marilyn Monroe.


200 enquiries for 'Harry Potter house' in Suffolk

More than 200 people have made enquiries. Credit: ITV Anglia

More than 200 people have enquired about buying a house in Suffolk which featured in one of the Harry Potter films.

The grade one listed De Vere House at Lavenham is on the market for just under £1 million.

It featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as part of Godric's Hollow.

It is thought King Henry VII once stayed there.

The house featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Credit: ITV Anglia