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RAF jet crash caused by "imperfections" in nose cap

The RAF jet crashed in Lincolnshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's been revealed that an RAF Lakenheath fighter jet crashed near Spalding in Lincolnshire because of imperfections in the plane's nose cap.

The aircraft came down in a field at Weston Hills on October 8th 2014. The pilot managed to eject himself to safety. No-one was hurt.

Now, a report by an Aircraft Investigation Board has found that a combination of two issues- imperfections in the jet's nose cap and the angle that the plane was flying at caused it to crash.

Jet recovery taking longer than planned

The remains of the F-15 jet Credit: ITV News Anglia

The operation to recover an American jet from RAF Lakenheath which crashed in South Lincolnshire is likely to continue all weekend.

The F-15 jet crashed at Weston Hills north of Peterborough earlier this month while on a combat training mission. The pilot ejected to safety.

Military police say the recovery operation is taking slightly longer than planned and could continue into Monday.

The scene of the crash Credit: ITV News Anglia


Suffolk: US Air Force insist safety is a priority following F-15 crash

The United States Air Force at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk insists safety is a top priority following the crash of an F-15 jet in a field near a primary school.

No one was hurt when the aircraft came down near Spalding in Lincolnshire yesterday, but people living near to the crash site have raised concerns.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Matthew Hudson

Spalding plane crash: Eye witness describes how she saw plane "spiralling to the ground"

An eye witness has described the moment she saw a US fighter jet plummet to the ground in a field near Spalding today.

Luckily, the pilot managed to eject himself to safety before the plane hit the ground.

The plane, from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, was taking part in a combat training mission.

The incident happened in Broadgate, Weston Hills, shortly after 3.30pm.

"I heard the noise first, saw the pilot eject, and the plane was spiralling.

It was really scary and I was quite worried because it was so close to homes."

– Julie Cosman, Eye Witness
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