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Luton Airport security alert - latest

Luton based airline Easyjet has cancelled all flights out of the airport until Tuesday morning, following a security aleart earlier. A suspicious package was found in the security area at about 1.30pm, prompting an evacuation and the effective closure of the airport. Other flights have been diverted to Stansted and Birmingham.

Luton airport to resume flights after controlled explosion


Luton Airport preparing to re-open

Luton Airport is set to re-open, although there are likely to be delays for the rest of the evening.

The airport has just released this statement:

The police have successfully concluded their investigation inside the terminal and have confirmed that the Airport is now safe for normal operations to resume. Airport staff are now working hard to re-open the terminal and get flights moving as soon as possible. We thank passengers for their patience and advise they contact their airlines for latest flight information.

– Luton Airport

Luton airport to re-open soon but delays expected

Bedfordshire police issued the following statement:

"London Luton Airport is in the process of reopening following a security alert that took place earlier this afternoon.

"Officers were called to the departure terminal at 1.36pm after airport security raised concerns about an item that was passed through a security check in keeping with the airport’s policies and procedures.

"Members of the public were evacuated from the terminal area as a safety precaution while the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team were called in to undertake the necessary checks required.

"A controlled explosion was conducted at 5.15pm and it was confirmed that the item destroyed, although deemed suspicious, did not present a wider danger.

Bedfordshire Police can confirm that no one has been arrested in relation to this incident."



Luton flights diverted to Stansted and Birmingham

The following Luton flights have been diverted to Stansted:

  • EZY 2264 from Barcelona
  • EZY 3567
  • TOM 343 from Dalaman
  • TOM5119 from Las Palma
  • TOM5133 from Funchal
  • W61009 from Katowice
  • EZY 072 from Glasgow
  • RYR 3473 from Rzeszow
  • EZY 2403 Malaga

The following flights have been diverted to Birmingham:

  • EZY154 from Inverness
  • FR2307 from Bratislava

Speculation that faulty x-ray machine could be to blame for Luton airport security alert

Luton airport closed: Passengers advised to contact their airlines

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