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Former Luton South MP sentenced for fiddling expenses

Margaret Moran claimed £53,000 she wasn't entitled to Credit: PA

The former MP for Luton South will be sentenced today for fiddling her expenses.

In November, a jury decided that Margaret Moran claimed £53,000 that she wasn't entitled to, it found she had submitted fake claims and altered invoices.

Moran wasn't in court because she was declared unfit to attend, due to mental health reasons.

Her expense claims whilst in office ranged from £47 for printing, almost £2,700 for new carpets, £15,000 for a new boiler and £22,500 to treat dry rot at her Southampton home.

She will not be imprisoned, but a judge will decide her fate later today. She is likely to be given a supervision order, a hospital order or absolute discharge, where no further action is taken.