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Thatcher was a hugely significant figure – Lamb

Commenting on news that Baroness Thatcher has died aged 87, North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb said:

Margaret Thatcher was a hugely significant figure who helped to shape Britain at the end of the 20th century. As Britain’s first female Prime Minister she achieved a great deal.**


– Norman Lamb MP

While her politics divide opinion, I think we all recognise her personal commitment, her political ambition, and her lasting impact on the country. **


MP's tribute

Commenting on the news that Baroness Thatcher has died of a stroke, Stephen Metcalfe, Conservative Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock said:

Margaret Thatcher changed not only the face of politics but the face of a nation through her dedication, commitment, energy and determination .

– Stephen Metcalfe MP

Mrs Thatcher secured a successful future for this country that many at the time thought unthinkable. Margaret Thatcher’s enduring legacy will be to leave a nation in a better state than she found it.”

– Stephen Metcalfe MP

Former PM pays tribute to 'force of nature' Baroness Thatcher

Former Conservative prime minister and Huntingdon MP Sir John Major, described Baroness Thatcher as a "true force of nature" and a "political phenomenon".

In government, the UK was turned around under - and in large measure because of - her leadership.

"Her reforms of the economy, trades union law, and her recovery of the Falkland Islands elevated her above normal politics, and may not have been achieved under any other leader.

"Her outstanding characteristics will always be remembered by those who worked closely with her: courage and determination in politics, and humanity and generosity of spirit in private."

– Sir John Major, Former Prime Minister


Thatcher's private papers made public

Baroness Thatcher as Prime Minister in 1982 Credit: PA Wire

Margaret Thatcher's 1982 private papers which are kept in Cambridge have been made public for the first time.

They reveal the fiery debates that took place over how the British Government were to respond when Argentina invaded the Falklands.

Until now the backroom deliberations have remained largely private, but now the Marget Thatcher Archive Trust is making them available to the public. They can be viewed online, or at The Churchill Archives Centre at Cambridge University.

The centre holds more than 1 million documents on Baroness Thatcher, including photographs, press cuttings, and audio and video tapes. Lady Thatcher is the first British Prime Minister whose private and official papers have been released in this way.

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