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Tory leadership battle: Who are MPs in the east backing

Many Conservative MPs from this region who backed Boris Johnson to become the next Prime Minister are shocked by his decision not to run in the Conservative Leadership contest.

So far the current Home Secretary Theresa May has the bulk of support from the East.

Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Political correspondent Emma Hutchinson for the latest on the battle for the Conservative leadership.


EasyJet confirms it will stay in Luton following Brexit vote

EasyJet has its headquarters at Luton Airport Credit: ITV News Anglia

EasyJet has confirmed to ITV News Anglia that they will not be moving their headquarters from Luton in the wake of the EU referendum vote.

In an interview this week, the company's CEO Carolyn McCall said it "remains to be seen" if EasyJet's headquarters would stay at Luton Airport given the Brexit vote.

Neil Slaven speaking to Olivia Kinsley Credit: ITV News Anglia

But today EasyJet's Commercial Manager Neil Slaven said the company is committed to keeping its headquarters in the UK, and has no plans to leave Luton.

He also said there are no plans for job losses in the company at Luton, Southend or Stansted airports.

Major safety event to keep young drivers safe on the roads

Learning about tyre safety on Young Driver Day

Teenage drivers are among the most at risk from dying or being seriously injured on our roads. So a major safety event has been held in Cambridgeshire to try to keep them safe.

Hundreds of youngsters from across the county have been finding out how to avoid accidents when they get behind the wheel at the Young Driver day in Huntingdon.

Car crash simulators, car maintenance and testing reaction times were just some of the demonstrations on offer. Here's a report by Chloe Keedy:


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'Global player' Boris should 'push the button' on Brexit

Liz Truss has said it is time to "push the button" on Brexit, as she endorsed Boris Johnson as the "global player" the UK needs to lead it into "uncharted territory".

The Environment Secretary told ITV News Mr Johnson is the "type of person we need" as Prime Minister, as she lauded the "fantastic job" he did as Mayor of London.

The MP for South West Norfolk also called for swift negotiations on Britain's new relationship with the EU.

"In my view the British people have spoken, there's no going back," she said. "We do need to press the button on exit and get on with it, because there would be a huge gap in trust if we were not to deliver on what was a referendum with an incredibly high turnout.

"I personally didn't argue for that but... I believe when the people speak we need to listen and we need to deliver."

Another leap in the region's house prices


The average house price in East Anglia has risen to £324,078 according to a new survey. Meanwhile the North/South house price gap in England has widened to a record high of nearly £169,000.

Nationwide Building Society said the gap between property values in the South and North of England has increased by £24,000 in the last year alone.

In London, average house prices lifted to a new record high of #472,384.

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