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Family of four from Milton Keynes killed in seaplane crash in Canada

A British family killed in an air crash in Canada were from Milton Keynes.

Fiona Hewitt, 52, Richard Hewitt, 50, Felicity, 17, and Harry, 14, died when the seaplane crashed in woods in the Les Bergeronnes area of Quebec province during a sightseeing trip on Sunday.

Two others, named in local media as pilot Romain Desrosiers and 28-year-old French woman Emilie Delaitre, were also killed after the de Havilland Beaver float plane went down in a remote wooded area near Les Bergonnes, in the North Shore region.

Because of the remote location of the crash, authorities in Canada have warned it may take some time before the cause is known.

Ipswich to play Manchester United at Old Trafford

Ipswich Town are through to the third round of the Capital One Cup - they beat Doncaster 4-1 this evening. Their reward is a match against Manchester United at Old Trafford

Norwich City beat Rotherham 2-1, They now have a home tie against West Brom or Port Vale

Luton Town took Premier League side Stoke City to extra time and penalties but were knocked out 8-7

MK Dons secured victory in extra time - beating Cardiff 2-1, they will now entertain Southampton in the third round

Northampton were beaten 4-1 by Newcastle at St James' Park

Peterborough also left the competition at the hands of Charlton - also 4-1


Athletics officials "not speaking" to Greg Rutherford

Greg Rutherford claims UKA officials are 'not speaking' to him Credit: PA Wire/Press Association

Greg Rutherford has revealed one or two UK Athletics staff are refusing to speak to him following his scathing criticism of the governing body.

The Olympic champion described UKA as "more of a hindrance than a help" in the lead-up to the World Championships in Beijing.

He'll compete in the long jump final at the Bird's Nest stadium this lunchtime.

But it is his outspoken comments which have caused the biggest stir and the Milton Keynes athlete admitted they had led to "awkward moments" at the team hotel.

The MK athlete qualified for today's final in Beijing Credit: PA Wire/Press Association

"One or two people aren't speaking to me. The most interesting thing has been what the athletes have got to say and I think nearly every single one has come up to me and spoken to me privately, supported a lot of the things that I've said and told me their own stories of what's been going on.

I think post this competition, when I've got a bit of down time, we'll have a proper discussion about what's actually been going on.

There have been one or two awkward moments in the lift with a few members of staff. That's fine, I can deal with that.I'm used to being the black sheep. I think growing up with ginger hair gives you a thick skin, you're used to being an outcast.

I'm not a happy person at the moment, I'll be totally honest with you. And I've got plenty more to say."

– Greg Rutherford

Rutherford, who demanded critics lay off Katarina Johnson-Thompson after the long jump collapse which ended her hopes of a heptathlon medal, calling them "out of order", has also heavily criticised the absence of a Union Jack on the Great Britain team's vest.

And he claimed many athletes had told him they were scared to voice concern for fear of repercussions.

Greg Rutherford qualifies for final with a leap of 8.25m. Credit: PA Wire/Press Associatio

The 28-year-old qualified for today's final with a leap of 8.25 metres, the second longest of the qualifying competition, behind American favourite Jeff Henderson's 8.36m.

He is bidding to emulate his fellow London 2012 'Super Saturday' gold medallists Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis-Hill by winning in Beijing.

A victory would give him the full set of major titles. He won the European and Commonwealth crowns last year.


Our weatherman Aidan takes a very close look at clouds

Aidan with the research plane

In the latest in his series Clearing the Air, ITV Anglia weatherman Aidan McGivern has been taking a close look at clouds.

He's even been flying fifty feet above the North Sea - in a bid to explain how clouds are formed....

Aidan writes:

Even in the middle of summer, clouds are a familiar sight in the skies above the UK. But the tiny particles that cause clouds to grow and decay are much more difficult to observe. In fact, the best way to study them is to take to the skies and journey to the heart of the clouds

Flying 50 feet above the sea

Cranfield Airport in Bedfordshire is the home for the Facility for Airborne Atmospheric Measurements (FAAM). Using one of the most advanced research aircrafts in the world, Scientists from the Met Office and the Natural Environment Research Council study everything from the physics of the clouds to the chemistry of the sky.

Inside the research plane
Met Office experts

In July, I took to the skies with atmospheric scientists from across the UK for an instrument test flight ahead of a research mission to the tropics. This summer, they are investigating the moment when water droplets in clouds freeze and how this impacts the development of the cloud.

Ten facts about clouds

  1. Other planets in our Solar System have clouds. The clouds on Venus are made of sulphur dioxide whilst Jupiter and Saturn have clouds of ammonia.

  2. In 1803, Luke Howard used Latin words to classify the clouds into nine main types. These included Cirrus \(wisps\), Stratus \(a layer\) and Cumulus \(a heap\).

  3. The average thickness of a cloud droplet is 0.02mm in diameter. This is around five times smaller than the thickness of a sheet of paper.

  4. The sunniest city in the world is officially Yuma in Arizona with over 4000 hours of sunshine each year, which amounts to around 91% of the time.

  5. The cloudiest parts of the world are found close to the poles and the cloudiest city on the planet is thought to be Chengdu in China, which has just 1100 hours of sunshine each year.

  6. Clouds are good omans in Iran. They have a saying for when someone is blessed with good luck: “dayem semakum ghaim”. This translates as "your sky is always filled with clouds"

  7. Clouds are very heavy. A small cumulus cloud might typically weigh as much as two elephants.

  8. In 1959 Lieutenant\-Colonel William Rankin, a pilot in the US Air Force, was ejected from his plane and into a cumulonimbus thunderstorm cloud. He spent half an hour trapped in the cloud, thrown around by the up and downdrafts and pelted with hail. Amazingly, he survived the ordeal.

  9. Most clouds form in the lower part of the atmosphere called the Troposphere. Occasionally, clouds can form in the Stratosphere, which is the layer above the Troposphere. These are called Nacreous clouds.

  10. Only 1% of rain outside of the tropics comes from ice-free clouds.

Thousands of students collect their GCSE results


Thousands of students in the ITV Anglia region have received their GCSE results today. Official figures show the proportion of GCSEs awarded at least a C grade has risen again this year, but it's the fourth year in a row that top grades have fallen.

Our cameras were at the Ormiston Venture Academy at Gorleston in Norfolk when the results were handed out this morning. It became an academy in 2010 and was formerly Oriel High School.

These GCSE students are the first who've been all the way through the Academy and their results are the best ever. 61 per cent in maths and English A to C grades. An improvement of 18 per cent on last year.

They are particularly pleased because this is a school in an area of high social deprivation. Here are some pictures as the results were handed out:


GCSE results at the King Edward V1 School in Bury St Edmunds results are up 8% on last year's.


Here is Malcolm Robertson's report for the east of the ITV Anglia region..

And Sarah Cooper has been taking a look at the results in the west of the region...

West Ham midfielder joins MK Dons on loan

Diego Poyet has joined MK Dons Credit: ITV News

MK Dons have bolstered their squad with the signing of midfielder Diego Poyet on a season-long loan from West Ham.

Poyet, who started his career at Charlton, spent time on loan at Huddersfield last season.

It’s great to be here. I first heard about the move a couple of days ago and it was an exciting option for me. I’m pleased it’s been able to go through.

I’ve had a good pre-season and I’m feeling fit. I want to play games and I’m grateful to the club for giving me an opportunity to come and do that – I’m raring to go now and can’t wait for the season ahead.

– Diego Poyet
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