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NHS cyber attack aftermath likely to last a number of days

NHS Digital said their engineers are working 'around the clock' to fix the problems. Credit: PA

The aftermath of the "major" cyber attack which has hit the NHS is likely to last for a number of days, experts have said.

A total of 48 NHS trusts in England and 13 NHS health boards in Scotland were crippled in the global attack on Friday when a ransomware virus infiltrated dozens of NHS organisations.

Five NHS England trusts were still not back to normal on Saturday, despite NHS Digital engineers working "around the clock" in a bid to fix the problem.

NHS Digital continued that fewer than five per cent of devices within the health service still use the old Windows XP system.

"We are aware of widespread speculation about the use of Microsoft Windows XP by NHS organisations, who commission IT systems locally depending on population need.

"While the vast majority are running contemporary systems, we can confirm that the number of devices within the NHS that reportedly use XP has fallen to 4.7%, with this figure continuing to decrease.

"This may be because some expensive hardware (such as MRI scanners) cannot be updated immediately, and in such instances organisations will take steps to mitigate any risk, such as by isolating the device from the main network."

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Companies urged to secure networks after cyber attack

A large section of the NHS was hit by the cyber attack Credit: PA

Government bodies and other organisations could also be affected by the malware attack that brought down some NHS services, a cyber security expert has warned.

Companies operating large networks, thought to be particularly vulnerable, are being urged to make sure they are secure in the wake of the attack.

"Absolutely it's highly possible that as the days come forward unfortunately we are going to hear that more organisations and government bodies are going to have been affected," cyber security expert Paul Norris said.

"Unfortunately, it's going to be big names and it's going to be organisations that have got weakened security controls that are going to be mostly impacted by this."


All weekend appointments cancelled at James Paget hospital

The Trusts effected have shut down their IT systems to stay protected Credit: ITV News Anglia

Appointments at the James Paget University Hopsital in Gorleston have been cancelled this weekend after it was hit by a large-scale cyber attack.

Around 40 hospitals nationally and 74 countries have reportedly been targeted.

James Paget has apologised for the inconvenience caused to patients and have tried to contact as many affected as possible.

Kettering hospital closes down IT systems to 'maintain patient safety'

The hospital is asking patients to not attend A&E or other emergency services unless urgent Credit: ITV News Anglia

Kettering General hospital has taken the decision to close down all external IT systems following the NHS cyber attack.

The hospital issued a statement on it's website saying; "In order to maintain patient safety, confidentiality and he functioning of our systems across the county system leaders have taken the decision to close down all external IT systems, including email, websites etc.

"We would ask that patients do not attend A & E or other emergency services unless it is a real emergency."

The hospital says they are not planning to cancel scheduled appointments next week and apologised that systems will be slower than usual.

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