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Milton Keynes based Open University asks government to help fund tuition fees

Open University Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Milton Keynes based Open University has called on the government to help fund tuition fees.

The organisation is aimed at people already working who want to get a degree mainly through distance learning. But because of the rising cost of studying part-time the numbers of students across England has more than halved.

Watch Dani Crawshaw's report below.


Homeless numbers in this region triple

Watch a video report by Matthew Hudson:

There are fears that giving money to rough sleepers could be making the problem worse.

A former homeless man in Cambridge says he could earn up to 200 pounds a day by begging, but admits he spent the money on alcohol.

The number living on the streets has tripled in the East of England. Up from 200 in 2010 to around 600 in 2016.


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