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Send us your pictures of the 'supermoon' lunar eclipse

15-year-old Adam Oliver took this picture in Lowestoft Credit: Adam Oliver

Stargazers across the East of England were able to see and photograph last night's dusty red 'supermoon' created from a lunar eclipse.

This picture was taken by 15-year-old Adam Oliver from Lowestoft who had stayed up late to see the eclipse which last took place 30-years ago.

The lunar eclipse is almost complete Credit: ITV News Anglia

It began at 1.10am with the total phase, when the moon is completely in shadow, lasting from 3.11am to 4.24am.

The moon finally emerged from the Earth's shadow at 6.24am.

Taken from Ipswich, Suffolk Credit: Graham Meadows
Taken in Bedford Credit: Stephen Ramsey

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Stargazers in east treated to 'supermoon' in the sky

The dusty red moon over Norwich Credit: ITV News Anglia

Stargazers have observed a blood red 'supermoon' in the skies above the East of England for the first time in 30 years.

The eerie light created from a lunar eclipse with the moon near to its closest point to the Earth delighted amateur astronomers and photographers.

It began at 1.10am with the total phase, when the moon is completely in shadow, lasting from 3.11am to 4.24 am.

The moon finally emerged from the Earth's shadow at 6.24am.

The beginning of the eclipse taken from Norwich Credit: ITV News Anglia

When the moon is at perigee, its shortest distance from the Earth, it is 226,000 miles away and appears 14% larger and 30% brighter than when it is at its furthermost point.

The last time this coincided with a lunar eclipse, when the moon is covered by the Earth's shadow, was in 1982 and the event will not be repeated until 2033.

It's the closest the moon has been to the earth for 30 years Credit: ITV News Anglia

During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns a deep rusty red, due to sunlight being scattered by the Earth's atmosphere.

Inquest hears of father and son's final moments in Alps tragedy

A view of Mont Blanc. Credit: PA

The widow of a man who died alongside their son during a trek in the Alps has told of the final tragic text describing the "great time" they were having.

Forty-eight-year old Peter Saunders from Maid Moreton near Milton Keynes, and his son Charlie, who was 12, disappeared during a trek in the Chamonix Valley close to Mont Blanc.

The coroner recorded verdicts of death by misadventure.

Mr Saunder's wife and Charlie's mother Sandra, spoke at the inquest telling of her concern when they failed to respond to messages she had sent.

The day after, their bodies were found at the bottom of a deep gully.

Inquest into death of Milton Keynes family killed in Canada plane crash to begin

Fiona and Harry Hewitt

An inquest into the death of a family from Milton Keynes who were killed in a plane crash in Canada will open today.

Richard and Fiona Hewitt and their children Felicity and Harry were killed during a seaplane trip in Quebec in August.

The family had spent years planning their dream holiday to Canada, and were hoping to go whale spotting when the plane crashed.


Weather warning issued for heavy thundery rain in Essex

Heavy thundery rain is affecting Essex on Tuesday morning with the risk of flooding. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for heavy rain and the risk of thunder in Essex. There is the potential for flooding in the area as up to 50 mm (2 inches) of rain could fall in some areas.

The Met Office says: "Bands of heavy and occasionally thundery showers may become slow-moving in parts of south east England this morning.

"This is most likely across Essex and Kent and may result in longer periods of heavy rain with potential for some flooding. The showers will slowly move away southeast into the Channel this afternoon."

The Met Office weather warning is valid from 7am until 3pm on Tuesday 22 September 2015

Area covered by yellow weather warning until 3pm on Tuesday. Credit: Met Office

"Rainfall accumulations from heavy showers across some parts of the south east are likely to increase this morning as the showers become slow-moving to bring more persistent rain in places.

"20mm of rain in an hour is possible, with perhaps 40-50mm in 3 to 6 hours though most places will see much less than this. Where the heavier rain develops, some minor surface water flooding is possible."

– Chief Forecaster's assessment

Lib Dems boast 2,000 new members in the East of England

The Anglia region had four Liberal Democrat MPs before the election in May. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron says support for the Party is already growing after a disastrous election result in May.

The Liberal Democrats had four MPs in the Anglia region before the General Election, but lost three of them in Colchester, Cambridge and Norwich South. Their only remaining MP in the East is North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb.

The Lib Dems say more than 2,000 new members have joined the Party since May and are fighting back.

Tim Farron was speaking to ITV News Anglia Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson

Milton Keynes leads the way in technological innovation

Since it was developed as a new town in the late 1960's Milton Keynes has always had one eye on the future. Its wide boulevards, grid layout and enclosed shopping areas give it a unique feel.

But even with that forward thinking, few there could have predicted it may become the birthplace of the driverless car. It might sound like science fiction but it's about to become reality with electric pods linking the railway station and town centre.

And that's just part of a huge push to make sure Milton Keynes is leading the way when it comes to technological innovation.

Click below to watch the full report from ITV News Anglia's Russell Hookey

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