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Prince William confirms he is leaving East Anglian Air Ambulance

Prince William Credit: PA

The Duke of Cambridge has confirmed he will be leaving his job as an East Anglian air ambulance helicopter pilot in the summer and spending more time in London where his children will be schooled.<

In a statement, issued on his behalf by Kensington Palace, William praised the East Anglian Air Ambulance saying it was a "privilege" to fly with the organisation.<

The statement added that William and Kate wanted, as they have in previous years, to increase their official duties on behalf of the Queen and their charity work, which would mean more time in London.<

Prince George, who is three, will begin school in London in September while sister Princess Charlotte, two in May, will start nursery in the capital and later go to school in the city.<

It has been a huge privilege to fly with the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Following on from my time in the military, I have had experiences in this job I will carry with me for the rest of my life, and that will add a valuable perspective to my royal work for decades to come.<

I would like to thank the people of East Anglia for being so supportive of my role and for letting me get on with the job when they have seen me in the community or at our region's hospitals.<

I would especially like to thank all of my colleagues at EAAA, Babcock and Cambridge airport for their friendship and support. I have loved being part of a team of professional, talented people that save lives every day. My admiration for our country's medical and emergency services community could not be any stronger.

– Prince William

Is Universal Credit working? ITV Anglia investigates

A video by Malcolm Robertson:

Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis is being urged to attend a public meeting in the town over concerns that the Government's controversial new benefit system is leading to increasing numbers of homelessness.

Brandon Lewis MP

Yarmouth's one of the areas where universal credit is being rolled out ahead of the national introduction. It's designed to streamline the number of benefits people are receiving, but delays in payments are affecting tenants and landlords.

Paul Whatley's in receipt of universal credit. He says he'd had to wait weeks to be paid.

"Anything from six to ten to 12 weeks. . Unless you've got a job and they're topping up with universal credits you could find yourself with nothing, " he said. "It's only because of our local foodbank that we've been able to put food on the table."

Paul Whatley

Under previous benefit schemes, some of the money due to claimants would go to the council who would then pay their landlords. Now all the money goes direct to the person receiving the universal credit, but with delays in payments landlords are missing out.

"Its been disastrous for tenants but mostly for landlords, " says Sue Dawson, 35 years a landlord and for he first time facing mortgage arrears on her properties. ."There's a certain number of unscrupulous tentants that will live in your property for up to nine weeks, maybe more, while waiting for universal credit . When they get it they just do a flit without paying the landlord a penny."

Brandon Lewis admits some people are facing challenges over the way universal credit is being introduced, but insists this is a good scheme to get people into work and off benefits.

The local authority has a discretionary fund and Great Yarmouth has an underspend at the moment, " says the town's MP." There is capacity to give people support and they can get those advance payments to help them through that early transition period. I want to make sure they get the right information and the support they need.

Originally, universal credit was to be introduced across the entire country by the end of this year but it could now be 2021 at the earliest.


Dolphins spotted swimming in Great Ouse

A pair of The common dolphins were spotted swimming in the back-garden of a Norfolk couple 15 miles inland.

David Beesley's house backs onto the Great Ouse and he said he was stunned to see the animals swim by.

One of the dolphins Credit: David Beesley

Farmers use the water for irrigation so they measure the salinity. Milton Keynes brings us fresh water so the water is brackish.

That's why we've never seen dolphins before. There's a family of seals and they live right there by the tidal section.

"We saw the dolphins from our back window, grabbed our cameras and chased them down the river."

– David Beesley

Experts believe they'd been following a food source like a fish school and got lost.


Appeal to help find missing mother from Milton Keynes

Sherena Begum was believed to be wearing a black head scarf before she went missing Credit: Thames Valley Police

Police are appealing to help find a missing mother from Milton Keynes.

29-year-old Sherena Begum was last seen in Helford Place in Fishermead at around 9am on Friday (13/1/2017).

She walked her daughter to school in the snow and dropped her off there. She hasn't been seen since.

Sherena is Asian, about 5ft2 inches tall and has a slim build.

She has black hair and was believed to be wearing wearing a black head scarf at the time.

Given that it was snowing heavily at the time, and she was walking her young daughter to school, I hope that people may remember seeing her.

Sherena, if you are reading this appeal, we want you to know that you are not in any trouble, but I would urge you to get in touch with police to let us know that you are safe.

– Insp James Ravenall, TVP
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