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Only half of speed cameras are actually switched on

Many fixed speed cameras aren't switched on. Credit: PA

A new survey has found that only half of the fixed speed cameras on our roads are actually switched on.

Northamptonshire has been highlighted as one of four police forces across the country where none of their cameras are in use.

The force says it switched its 39 cameras off in 2011 but have left them in place to deter speeders.

The only county in our region to still have all of their fixed speed cameras active is Suffolk.

In Norfolk, 17 of the county's 24 cameras are switched off, while in Essex, which only provided rough figures, 33% of cameras are in use.


New Amazon Research & Development centre could help change the way we shop

A new Amazon Research and Development Centre could help change the way we shop and even live our lives.

The internet shopping firm will employ 400 engineers in Cambridge working on cutting edge technology such as drones and artificial intelligence.

Watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Matthew Hudson.

Mother's social media battle after pictures of her daughter's skin condition removed

Rhiannon Atkinson and her daughter Pippa Credit: ITV News

Now many of us put up photos of our loved ones on social media - but one mum was shocked when Facebook removed pictures of her fourteen month old daughter Pippa who has a rare skin condition.

Her mum Rhiannon Atkinson says she posted the pictures to raise awareness. But Facebook said they would 'make viewers feel bad about themselves'.

"It made me wonder what Facebook's image of a normal person is and why they think it's not ok to share an image of a child that's suffering everyday. So to have that unacceptance of her condition at such a young age is just not acceptable. Disability is normality. So many people suffer with a disability. All we're trying to do is normalise her condition and raise awareness for her."

– Rhiannon Atkinson, Pippa's mother


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