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Increase in popularity of park runs

Hundreds turn out for park run Credit: ITV News Anglia

There's a huge increase in the number of people taking part in Saturday morning park runs in the region.

There are now 22 events in Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. They're attracting thousands of runners of all ages and abilities who turn up every week at their local park for a five kilometre run.

Nationally, there are more than 300 events. It's a great way of keeping fit and meeting people.

Even the kids are brought out to take part! Credit: ITV News Anglia

Clean up after smash and grab raid at Red Bull

The clear up at the Milton Keynes factory Credit: ITV News Anglia

Work is continuing this evening to clean up the mess left at Red Bull's Milton Keynes factory after a ram-raid.

Thieves drove a 4x4 through the glass doors to reach the trophy cabinet in the foyer in the early hours of this morning (Saturday 6th December.)


Thieves steal 60 trophies from Red Bull factory

60 trophies have been stolen from the factory Credit: PA

Thieves have stolen 60 trophies from the Red Bull racing factory Milton Keynes.

Police were called to the factory in Tilbrook around 1.30am this morning.

A group of around six men, used the vehicle to drive through the front entrance to gain access to the premises.

Night staff who were on the premises at the time were not physically harmed.

Two cars were involved in the burglary. A silver 4x4 which was used to drive through the entrance and a further dark coloured, black or dark blue Mercedes estate car. Both are believed to have foreign number plates.

There is no description of the offenders available at this time, although they are all believed to be men, wearing dark clothing.

Police are appealing for witnesses.

Rail fares set to rise in January, by an average of 2.2%

Credit: PA Images

Rail fares will rise again in January, with prices set to increase by an average of 2.2%. The news was announced today by rail industry body the Rail Delivery Group.

They say it's the lowest average rise for five years and the money will be used to improve services, but the move has been criticised by many commuters who are angry that the hike is still higher than their average pay rise.

It means a season ticket from Bedford to London will now cost over £100 more than it did this year, while passengers travelling from Milton Keynes to the capital will also have to fork out extra. That price has risen to nearly £4,900.


Afternoon temperatures of just 3°C on the coldest day for more than a year

Temperatures have peaked at just 3°C across large parts of the Anglia region this afternoon on what may be the coldest day since spring 2013.

Temperatures at 1pm Thursday afternoon across East Anglia. Credit: Met Office.

The cold air over the east of England this afternoon has its origins from the near continent and it has been kept chilled underneath thick, low cloud.

Whilst today's temperatures are below the December daytime average of 7°C, it is not especially unusual to experience this kind of chilly, dull weather in winter. The fact that it is likely to be the coldest day since spring 2013 is more indicative of the consistently mild weather last winter than anything else.

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