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Top tips to keep your mobile safe

Here's some top tips from the Police to help protect your mobile from theft:

  • Register your phone with your service provider
  • Note your 15-digit IMEI Number
  • Enable PIN security feature
  • Never leave your phone in your car
  • Property mark your phone
  • Avoid making calls/texting while crossing the road
  • If making a call in public always do so with your back against a wall to reduce the possibility of being atacked from behind.
  • If you use smartphone - check on downloading a location finder app
  • If your phone does get stolen - report it immediately to the police and service provider.


Mobile phone thefts on the rise

Mobile phone theft on the rise Credit: PA

New figures have revealed that the number of smart phones are on the rise across the UK.

Hundreds of people reported their phones stolen across the region.

Figures collated by the region's police forces show the following number of mobiles were stolen last year:

94 in Suffolk

223 in Northamptonshire (includes robberies where mobiles were taken)

338 in Bedfordshire (includes robberies where mobiles were taken)

601 in Cambridgeshire

1,334 in Norfolk (includes all crime where mobiles were taken)

Samsung takes on 300 staff in Cambridge

Samsung wants to take on Apple in the smartphone market Credit: Press Association

300 Cambridge based staff are joining the South Korean electronics giant Samsung after a 310 million dollar deal for the mobile phone handset arm of the chip designer CSR.

It will give Samsung the rights to technology that allows smartphones and tablets to wirelessly connect to the internet.

Samsung takes on 300 staff in Cambridge Credit: Press Association

CSR was founded in 1999 by nine colleagues from Cambridge Consultants and helped pioneer wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and GPS.

The Cambridge-based firm, which employs more than 2,500 staff across the globe, has recently announced plans to focus on higher growth technology markets.