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New way of repairing potholes

A new machine that can repair potholes in just two minutes is set to be rolled out across our region.

Potholes on our roads Credit: ITV Anglia

The robotic device can fill a hole in the road with tar and gravel around 30 times faster than the standard method.

It's already been trialled in Bedfordshire and will soon be seen in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Milton Keynes.

Scammers con drivers

Drivers are being urged not to fall victim to scammers who are operating in Cambridgeshire.

Conmen have been flagging down vehicles near petrol stations and supermarket car parks, claiming they need money for fuel.

They either offer fake jewellery or try to persuade the victim to hand over money.

An 84-year-old man handed over £20 to a man outside Tesco in Milton who claimed he needed the money for fuel and a 67-year-old woman handed over £80 to a man claiming to have run out of petrol in Littleport.