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Lottery winners to splash out on yacht and good causes

A couple who won the National Lottery say they plan to by a new yacht and give money to good causes.

Speaking at a press conference, Mrs Brown said: "We probably couldn't spend this much in a lifetime so we're looking forward to having a great deal of fun giving it to good causes."

The couple, who do not have children, downsized their house to buy their current yacht and now hope to upgrade to a £350,000 model and possibly a new house.

Lottery winners unveiled to the media

Cathy and Richard Brown

A retired journalists Richard and Cathy Brown have spoken to the media after winning more than £6 million on the National Lottery.

They abandoned a 10-week sailing trip around Britain to claim the jackpot. They had reached Newcastle marina when they discovered they had won.

Earlier they returned to the Haven Marina in Ipswich.


Cruise couple make £6 million Lottery U-turn

The National Lottery Credit: PA

A retired couple from Ipswich on a 10 week sailing holiday around Britain made a U-turn when they realised they had won £6m on the National Lottery.

The mystery couple will be revealed in Ipswich this morning as they collect their cheque for £6,123,395. The winning numbers on the 29 May draw were 3, 5, 25, 33, 34, 35.


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