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Trust facing more criticism

A lack of access to care has been highlighted Credit: PA

Staff and patients have criticised the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, saying it's too difficult for people with mental illnesses to get access to care. The trust has to make £40 million worth of savings and has cut the workforce by 400 posts.

The new Chief Executive takes over next week. The trust admits there is an issue with access in Norfolk but says it's working to rectify problems.


Fears over rationing of IVF

An ITV News Anglia investigation has found some couples who need help starting a family are having their NHS treatment rationed.

The national recommendation is for three rounds of IVF - but couples in Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire are offered only one while in some other areas it is being cut to two.

Local NHS managers say they have to balance the national guidelines with the money available.

Kate Brian from Infertility Network UK said the impact would be "absolutely devastating" for couples.

Pioneering surgery to treat varicose veins

Doctors at work in Norwich. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Doctors in Norfolk are using a pioneering form of surgery to treat varicose veins.

Surgeons in Norwich and Cromer hope that the use of intensive heat treatment instead of open surgery will soon be rolled out across the rest of the NHS.

Robert Brightwell, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, said patients had "no overnight stays" and "no recovery from general anaesthetic".

He added: "We've treated gentlemen well into their 70s and 80s and they've walked out and played a round of golf in the afternoon."


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Son of foreign doctor victim welcomes new measures

Dr Stuart Gray Credit: ITV News Central

The son of a man who died from a fatal overdose given by a foreign doctor, has told ITV News that he welcomes new language measures.

Dr Stuart Gray's father died in 2008, after a German doctor – who had already failed an English test – gave him ten times the required amount of painkillers for kidney pain.

"It's common sense. This is five years too late, but at least action is now being taken," said Dr Stuart Gray.

Those coming to the UK from outside the EU already face strict language tests. However, new measures will mean all doctors wanting to practice in the UK will now need to pass a language assessment.

The new checks were announced after cases in which foreign doctors were said to have provided sub-standard care.

Inspectors' surprise visit to hospital

Ipswich Hospital Credit: Press Association

Ipswich Hospital has been given a clean bill of health after a surprise inspection by the Care Quality Commission.

A team of inspectors visited 13 wards and departments and interviewed dozens of staff and patients.

They found that the hospital met all the standards in the areas inspected.

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