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Norfolk and Suffolk Broads re-branded as the Broads National Park

The Norfolk & Suffolk Broads will become the Broads National Park. Credit: Paul Sutcliffe

The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads will be known as the Broads National Park following a landmark decision by the Broads Authority.

The authority voted by an overwhelming majority to brand the area as a National Park after 79% of people it consulted approved the proposal.

Chief Executive of the Broads Authority John Packman said he was “absolutely delighted” that the area would benefit from being clearly identified as a National Park.

  1. Malcolm Robertson

Revived Norfolk Broad sparks bitter planning row

David Pooley's retirement project was to buy an overgrown, desolate Norfolk broad and breathe new life into it; he's described it as a labour of love.

He spent years and hundreds of thousands of pounds expanding Sotshole Broad near Norwich and improving the surroundings only for the Broads Authority to threaten legal action if he didn't remove the footpaths and boardwalks.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Malcolm Robertson:


Freshwater fish saved from sea

A new project has started to protect fish stocks in the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads against salt water from the sea. During the autumn and winter north-westerly winds and low pressure weather systems can generate surge tides which push salt water inland.

Fresh water fish can be killed by salt water Credit: ITV Anglia

When this happens thousands of freshwater fish can be killed. The new project involving the Environment Agency, the Broads Authority and the Pike Anglers Club of Great Britain will monitor the build-up of salt levels in the Broads to ensure the fish can be better protected.

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