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Fears for tourism as broken bridge traps Broads river traffic

The Haven Bridge in Great Yarmouth has been unable to lift for river traffic for several weeks. Credit: ITV News Anglia

There are concerns that a broken major road and river bridge in Norfolk could have a serious impact on tourism unless it is fixed soon.

The Haven Bridge is an important river crossing used by thousands of drivers every day in Great Yarmouth. But it's also crucial to river traffic - it has to be raised to give large boats access to and from the Broads' river system and the North Sea.

The bridge hasn't been able to open for weeks leaving bigger ships stranded either side.

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River search for missing fisherman on Norfolk Broads

A stretch of the River Yare at Cantley in Norfolk is being searched after a fisherman went missing. Credit: Simon Wright / ITV News Anglia

Coastguards, police and Broads Authority wardens are searching for a suspected missing person along the River Yare at Cantley in Norfolk.

It follows the discovery of abandoned fishing gear on the bank at Cantley moorings.

It's thought a man was last seen crossing the river in a dinghy during the evening on Bank Holiday Monday.

The fisherman was last seen crossing the river in a dinghy on Bank Holiday Monday. Credit: Simon Wright / ITV News Anglia

Rare beetle found in secret garden on Norfolk Broads

The Black Longhorn Beetle particularly favours dead alder stumps and branches. Credit: Broads Authority

A rare beetle has been discovered on the Norfolk Broads.

The Black Longhorn Beetle (Stictoleptura Scutellata) at How Hill was found on a tall, dead beech trunk in the secret garden at How Hill.

This unusual beetle spends most of its time in the canopy of large trees, but can be found on flowers.

It's the first time the beetle has been spotted in Norfolk.

"The discovery of this conservation priority species shows the success of our work to retain the full age structure of trees, particularly old deadwood which this rare longhorn beetle requires."

– Andrea Kelly, Senior Ecologist for the Broads Authority


£1 million wetland to be created on the Norfolk Broads

The newly purchased land sits alongside Breydon Water and Berney Marshes Credit: RSPB

A new one million pound wetland will be built in the Norfolk Broads over the next few years.

An area the size of 100 football pitches will be created to home vulnerable birds and wildlife.

The new wetland will provide suitable breeding conditions for wading birds such as lapwings, avocets, redshanks and yellow wagtails. It will also provide a feeding ground for thousands of migrant birds looking to refuel after a long flight.

The RSPB says the project will help create homes for new species as they move to the Broads.

"Wildlife needs space to roam, and this new area of nature reserve will create a vital stepping stone for our wild residents to make a home in other parts of the Broads and provide a feeding ground for thousands of migrant birds looking to refuel after a long flight.

Through this work we are looking forward to continuing on the area's legacy as a crucial safe haven for some of the UK's most vulnerable birds and wildlife."

– Mark Smart, RSPB
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