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Interview: Alexandra Burke discusses her hit new musical

Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke dropped into the ITV News Anglia studio this afternoon to talk about her performance in the hit musical 'The Bodyguard'.

The stage version of the 90s film is currently on at the Theatre Royal in Norwich.

Alexandra also talked about what's next for her as her career continues to go from strength to strength.


Visually impaired people protest against 'taxi discrimination'

Protestors outside Westminster yesterday. Credit: ITV News

Visually impaired people from across our region have taken part in a rally at Westminster, over concerns that taxi drivers are turning blind customers away because of their guide dogs.

Scott Valance from Norfolk was among protesters who travelled to the capital.

He says people need to understand that these dogs are a lifeline for many.

It knocks your confidence big time.

I've fortunately got a big family and a wife but when it comes to people being on their own, being told that you can't do this and you can't do that can actually put people back in a shell that they're trying to get out of with a dog.

– Scott Vallance


More than a million downloads for pioneering game

More than a million people have downloaded a mobile phone game which is helping researcher's studying dementia.

The project saw Cambridge-based Alzheimer's Research UK team up with scientists from the University of East Anglia, UCL and a telecoms company to develop the game.

Playing the game will help our scientists understand in detail how our brains navigate space. It's reckoned that by playing the game for just 2 minutes generates the same amount of data it would take researchers 5 hours to obtain.

Find out more about the game below.

Cost of family holidays could go up if Britain leaves EU says PM

David Cameron at Luton Airport

Leaving the European Union would put up the cost of a family holiday by more than 200 pounds according to the prime minister.

David Cameron has been in the region today visiting what he's described as a great British success story. He was at Luton Airport speaking to EasyJet staff at their headquarters.

He used the visit to issue another warning about the economic impact leaving the EU could have - something the leave campaign disagrees with.

Here's a report by our political correspondent Emma Hutchinson:

Hard-hitting film spells out concerns of ambulance crews

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Liz Summers

A hard-hitting film highlighting the stress suffered by ambulance crews in the East has been released as they prepare to ballot over industrial action.

The film by the health service union 'Unison' features staff struggling to cope with the aftermath of traumatic call outs, saying they're worried their stress could impact on the safety of patients.

But the East of England Ambulance Service has responded saying it's planning to recruit more staff and has urged crews not to vote to take action.

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