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Three arrested after police in Norfolk uncover cannabis factory

Police in Norfolk have arrested three men after a cannabis factory was uncovered in Fakenham.

Police in Norfolk have arrested three men after a cannabis factory was uncovered in Fakenham.

Officers seized around 200 plants and drugs paraphernalia from a house on Wells Road in the town on Thursday 14 May.

Three men were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and have been bailed until 1 June pending further inquires.


Scientists at the UEA study the purpose of men

It seems every day scientists are coming up with new insights into human behaviour.

So how about this from those working at the University of East Anglia?

They're looking at the controversial issue of whether men serve any useful purpose at all.

It is research that is bound to provoke quite a response.

ITV News Anglia's Malcolm Robertson went in search of answers. Click below to watch his report.

MEP speaks of 'regret' over comments made about UKIP leader

Patrick O'Flynn Credit: ITV News Anglia

Patrick O'Flynn a Member of the European Parliament for the East of England, who has an office in Peterborough, has issued a statement expressing his 'sincere regret' over comments he made about UKIP leader Nigel Farage after the General Election.

He apologised directly to Nigel Farage for his use of the phrase 'snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive'.

He went onto say his comment was a 'fragment of a wider passage about perceptions and is not what I think of him.'

Mr O'Flynn has now stood down as economic spokesman.

"I would like to express to colleagues my sincere regret at going public with my frustrations about the turn of events following polling day. And more than that, I would like to apologise directly to Nigel for the phrase 'snarling, thin-skinned and aggressive'. This was a fragment of a wider passage about perceptions and is not what I think of him. Nonetheless, I should have known better than anyone what use would be made of phrases that were both unfair and unkind. I think it appropriate to stand down as economic spokesman, which I have done. I hope in the months ahead to be of use to the great campaign to persuade the British people to leave the EU, which is after all what brought me into politics in the first place."

– Patrick O'Flynn, MEP, UKIP


Norfolk school vandalised for the second time

Windows were smashed at the school Credit: ITV News Anglia

Parents and pupils at a primary school in Norfolk have taken matters into their own hands after the playground was vandalised for a second time.

The head teacher of North Walsham Junior School discovered vandals had broken windows and kicked in doors at the weekend.

The doors on the school's metal play shed were ripped off and all the toys thrown over the field.

Fence work was kicked in where the children can eat and have lunch outside and seating had been smashed, while there was glass allover the place.

Clare Fletcher looks over the area that was damaged by vandals. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It was a lot of mess and the worst thing was the broken glass and I was really quite worried. We have spent a lot of money and time and energy to put together a really good play area for the children, so for it to be abused in this way it was soul destroying again."

– Clare Fletcher, Executive Head teacher of North Walsham Infant and Junior schools

Following an appeal on social media dozens of parents arrived to repair the damage in time for Monday morning.

What's the point of men? scientists find the answer studying beetles

Beetles used to study the purpose of men Credit: ITV News Anglia

New research from the University of East Anglia looking at the sexual habits of beetles has come up with a conclusion to the existence of men.

Scientists were looking at the reasons why men haven't become extinct, given that their only contribution to reproduction is sperm.

The study found that rather than evolving to have an asexual population of women who reproduce only daughters - having men who have to compete to find a mate leads to a healthier population and better gene pool.

The study found that male beetles which didn't have to compete to find a mate became extinct after 10 generations.

So what is the point of men ? we spoke to people on Norwich Market to find out.

Click below to watch a short clip.

Students head to Holland with their 'eco car'

Students from the College of West Anglia with their 'eco car' Credit: ITV News Anglia

Students from the College of West Anglia in King's Lynn are heading to Holland today to show off their new eco car.

They were challenged to build a car that will go the furthest on one litre of fuel. They'll battle against 3000 students from across Europe.

'Eco car' designed by students Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We hope to double the miles per hour we got last year and we're hoping that the changes that we made will allow us to do that. So new body work, new engine system, hopefully that will all add up to the goal we're aiming for"

– Tyler Griffin and Sam Fletcher, engineering students
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