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Victoria Pendelton to appear at Fakenham Racecourse later this month

Victoria Pendelton. Credit: PA

Bedfordshire Olympian Victoria Pendleton will be taking the next step in her amateur horse racing career when she appears at Fakenham later this month.

It'll be the former cyclist's first hunter chase.

Officials at the Norfolk circuit say they're delighted she'll be racing there on February 19.

Victoria Pendleton will appear at Fakenham next week. Credit: PA

"This would be a great occasion for Fakenham and we will make sure we will look after her in true Fakenham traditional and rather eccentric style and in a professional manner.

It's not every day that an Olympic gold medallist comes to our racecourse so we are really pleased."

– David Hunter, Fakenham course clerk

Junior doctors walk out for a second time as dispute with government rumbles on

Junior doctors stage their protest outside the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital earlier today. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hospitals from across our region have been forced to cancel hundreds of appointments and non-emergency procedures as Junior doctors stage a 24-hour strike.

It's the second of three planned walk-outs after negotiations broke down between the government and doctors over a proposed new contract.

Jeremy Hunt insists the changes are needed to provide a seven-day NHS but the medics say they are dangerous and unfair.

"We hoped all of this would be settled by now. I am quite disappointed.

I think we are all very angry still about what's going on with all of the negotiations.

We fully believe that what they're trying to impose is a dangerous and unfair contract that really will be very difficult explain in 5 years time to the patients that will suffer from it."

– James Rowson, Junior Doctor


New report highlights the need for more local mental health beds

The practice of sending mentally ill people long distances for treatment should end, according to the latest report.

It's been branded 'potentially dangerous' by an independent commission which has set a target of next year for it to stop.

In Norfolk and parts of Suffolk last year, almost 300 patients received treatment out of the county.

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Search for whale spotted off the Norfolk coast stood down

Coastguards spent the morning searching for the whale. Credit: PA

The search for a whale that was spotted off the Norfolk coast earlier today (February 9) has been stood down.

The whale was seen off the shore at Mundesley just after 10am. It was alive and thrashing around.

However, it hasn't been seen since and the coastguard are no longer looking for it.

"We've carried out an extensive search and are confident that if the whale was in that search area, we'd have found it.

Low tide has now passed so with a bit of luck it will return to deeper waters and stand a chance of survival."

– Keith Griffin, station officer for the Happisburgh and Mundesley Coastguard Team

Whale 'somewhere between Overstrand and Walcott'

A sperm whale washed up in Hunstanton last week. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Coastguard searching for a whale that has been reported in shallow water off the Norfolk coast say that they haven't seen it since this morning.

The whale was spotted off the shore at Mundesley just after 10am. It was alive and thrashing around.

It's thought that the whale is currently "somewhere in shallow water between Overstrand and Walcott" and it could emerge again soon.

Last week a whale died after becoming stranded on Hunstanton beach.

Another whale spotted off Norfolk coast

The latest whale has been spotted off the coast at Mundesley. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Another whale has been reported in shallow water off the Norfolk coast.

The latest whale is 300-400 yards off the shore at Mundesley and is currently still alive and thrashing in the water.

It's not yet known what species of whale it is and the Happisburgh and Mundesley Coastguard Rescue Teams are on the shoreline keeping a watchful eye over its position.

"We are advising people to keep at a safe distance from the whale, so we do not cause any further distress to it.

We are doing all we can to assist the local authorities and allow those with rescue experience to do their work."

– Mike Puplett, UK Coastguard

Two sperm whales got into similar difficulty off the coast at Hunstanton recently.

Flytipping in Thetford Forest costing more than £100,000 a year

Flytipping is becoming an increasing problem according to The Forestry Commission. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Forestry Commission, which looks after Thetford Forest, is warning that flytipping is becoming an increasing problem.

Clearing rubbish in our region costs the organisation around £100,000 a year.

They say the money could be spent on projects to improve the area for visitors to enjoy.

According to the Commission, people have been known to dump everything from domestic waste to two lorry loads of cavity wall insulation.

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