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Camping out: Find out why so many find it holiday heaven

This week people from the world of caravanning have been gathering this week to show off their latest designs.

The motorhome and caravan show in Birmingham's also been looking at the high tech future for our holidays. But what's it like camping?

Our region is a mecca for holidaymakers and Malcolm Robertson's been finding out more at a campsite in North Norfolk.

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A bit of a squeeze for family with 145 pets

One of the rooms in Jamie and Michelle Mintram's house Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's often said that we are a nation of animal lovers, but one family from Norfolk has taken that to a whole new level.

Jamie and Michelle Mintram share their three bedroom house in Weeting near Thetford with 145 pets.

Jamie Mintram with one of his 145 pets Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We've got meerkats, we've got skunks, we've got raccoons, we've got asian palm civets, we've got giant bunnies that live loose in the garden, we've got raccoon dogs, skinny pigs, hedgehogs, there's too much to list to be honest."

– Jamie Mintram, Pet owner
One of the Mintram's many pets Credit: ITV News Anglia

Jamie has a license to look after exotic animals and lots of the pets he has have been rescued by irresponsible owners.

Jamie and Michelle's dream is to open up a small zoo and there's will be unique as it will be made up of mainly rescued animals.

Anger over body left on ambulance station floor

There's anger over claims that a young man's body was left unattended on the floor of an ambulance station in Cambridgeshire.

A whistleblower claims it happened as paramedics neared the end of a shift in Ely. They opted to leave the body there rather than drive to Addenbrooke's Hospital 20 miles away which would have taken their working hours into overtime.

Now the local MP is calling for an investigation while the East of England Ambulance Service says it's trying to find out what happened.

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Ambulance boss apologises for 'body left on floor'

It's claimed a man's body was left on the floor of Ely ambulance station after a crew finished a night shift. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Chief Executive of the East of England Ambulance Service has apologised after reports that a body was left on the floor of an ambulance station in Ely after a crew shift ended.

Chief Executive Anthony Marsh said: “We are very sorry for what happened."

"“We have launched a thorough investigation. This involves working with the family and everyone who responded to the patient.”

– Anthony Marsh, Chief Executive, East of England Ambulance Service

It's claimed a man's body was left on the floor of Ely ambulance station after a crew finished a night shift.

The Conservative MP for North East Cambridgeshire Stephen Barclay said he was concerned about the incident: "This is quite outrageous to treat a body which such a lack of dignity. We do need a full investigation to find out why the staff were told what they appear to have been told."


Investigation after body left in ambulance station

An inquiry has been launched after a body was left at Ely ambulance station for an hour. Credit: ITV News Anglia

An investigation has been launched after it was revealed a man's body was left in an ambulance station in Ely, Cambridgeshire for more than an hour.

A whistleblower told local newspapers that crews were authorised to leave the body of the 32-year old on the floor next to rubbish bins rather than drive to a mortuary in Cambridge at the end of their shifts.

"An incident last month involving the transportation of a deceased patient is under investigation, and as such we cannot comment any further.”

– East of England Ambulance Service
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