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Northampton Town Supporters' Trust set up fund to help staff who haven't been paid

The Northampton Town Supporters' Trust say that they are going to donate £10,000 to staff at the club who haven't been paid in six weeks.

The Cobblers' players were finally paid by the PFA recently, but staff still haven't received their wages since the club's accounts were frozen.

Click below to hear from James Averill from the Northampton Town Supporters' Trust

"It is the responsibility for the Chairman to pay the staff and it's something that's not been done so the Trust has set up a hardship fund, where there will be £10,000 available for members of staff as a loan to help them.

It's coming up to the christmas period, which we know is a very tough time for everyone."

– James Averill, Northampton Town Supporters' Trust

Northampton Town takeover in doubt

Sixfields Stadium in Northampton. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The man spearheading the move to buy Northampton Town Football Club fears time is running out to do a deal. Former Oxford chairman Kelvin Thomas insists talks are ongoing, but says his efforts may be in vain.

He blames club chairman David Cardoza and father Tony for the delay. In a statement he said:

"Unfortunately it has taken to much time for David and Tony Cardoza to complete the Share Purchase Agreement and we are now stuck wondering if they really want to complete the deal as agreed.

We are hearing that they have other interested parties and also that they possibly want the club to go into administration, and whilst we have no direct knowledge of this the length of time that it is taking to get this agreement across the line certainly questions any intentions.

We are serious, well funded and excited about taking Northampton Town Football Club forward but if David and Tony Cardoza feel they can improve the deal with another party or administration is their preferred route then unfortunately that is their right. We do feel that introducing other parties at this late stage could be a very high risk strategy for the survival of the football club especially with very limited due diligence time on both sides."

– Kelvin Thomas

Meanwhile an independent investigation will take place into the handling of the £10m loan to Northampton Town Football Club which so far it hasn't paid back.

Northampton Borough Council, which made the loan so the club could build a new stand, says it welcomes the investigation which will be carried out by the council's auditors KPMG.

The council added it would work with Northamptonshire Police on understanding what has happened to the money and if a formal complaint can be made to the police.

A winding up petition by HMRC against the club is currently going through the High Court.

That petition will be heard on 27 November.


Northampton Town's 'winding up petition' is adjourned by the High Court

Northampton Town FC Credit: ITV News Anglia

The High Court has adjourned a 'winding up petition' brought by HMRC over debts Northampton Town FC owes to the taxman.

The petition was due to be heard at the High Court today but after the borough council last week submitted an application to have the club put into administration, the hearing was adjourned.

It gives the Cobblers until the end of the month to sort out their finances, which includes a debt to HMRC of £166,000, along with £10.35 million they owe to the Borough Council.

Former Oxford United chairman Kelvin Thomas is in the process of negotiating a take-over.

"The club's role is currently to provide assistance where necessary to the ongoing process and to ensure that through this period the club continues to operate as normal. We understand this is a difficult situation for supporters and we would like to thank all supporters for their continued patience and support."

– Spokesperson, Northampton Town

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Northampton Town 'Winding up petition' to be heard at High Court

Northampton Town FC Credit: ITV News Anglia

A winding up petition against Northampton Town FC will be heard at the High Court today, just days after the Borough Council tried to intervene to stop the measure.

Northampton Borough Council appealed to the HMRC to put the club into administration instead, to allow more time for takeover talks to be completed.

The club had missed its deadline to repay a £10.25 million loan to Northampton Borough Council and was then issued with a winding up petition over thousands of pounds it also owes to the taxman.

Council intervenes to try and save Northampton Town from liquidation

The Cobblers are in dire financial straits. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Northampton Borough Council will apply to put the town's football club into administration in court on Monday to try and stop it being wound up.

A winding up petition against Northampton Town for unpaid taxes is due to be heard at the High Court in five days time, which could result in the club going into liquidation.

If the Council's petition is granted, it would put the HMRC action on hold and give the Cobblers more time to conclude a takeover.

The Council say they have had reassurance from the Football League that the club would not face a points deduction - that would only happen if all rescue efforts fail.


PFA intervention 'won't result in points deduction', Northampton Town confirm

Marc Richards and the rest of the Northampton Town players will be paid later this week. Credit: PA

Northampton Town won't face a points deduction despite the fact that the PFA have had to step in to pay the players' wages.

The union have decided to pay the players after they weren't paid last week.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, the club confirmed that there will be "no sporting sanction" and say fans shouldn't be concerned.

'PFA step in' to pay Northampton Town wages

The Northampton Town players will finally get paid later this week. Credit: PA

ITV News Anglia understands that the Northampton Town players will finally be paid by the end of this week, but not by the club.

Instead, it's believed that the Professional Footballers'Association have decided to step in and pay their wages.

The PFA is the trade union for professional footballers in England and Wales.

The Cobblers players weren't paid last week due to their accounts being frozen after they were hit with a winding-up petition by HMRC.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, the club said that takeover talks are continuing and added that they were hopeful that this latest development will have no impact on those discussions.

Coventry City fans to hold bucket collection in support of Northampton Town

The Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Credit: PA

Coventry City fans will hold a bucket collection in support of Northampton Town when the two clubs meet in the FA Cup on Saturday.

The Cobblers are in big financial trouble after being hit with a winding-up petition by HMRC and also told that they must pay back a £10.25 million loan to the local council.

Now, the Sky Blue Trust have called on their fans to donate towards a fighting fund.

The two clubs have a good relationship, with Coventry playing their homes games at Northampton's Sixfields stadium in 2013.

"Northampton Town FC is in huge financial peril. The club faces a winding-up petition in the High Court from HMRC over an unpaid tax bill.

There are also serious concerns over the whereabouts of a £10.25 million loan from Northampton Borough Council for stadium works which have not been completed. The players and staff are currently working for no pay.

Over the last few months questions posed by Northampton Town Supporters’ Trust to the football club’s chairman, David Cardoza, regarding this critical situation have remained unanswered.

The Sky Blue Trust and Northampton Town Supporters’ Trust are now uniting in solidarity over the need for a healthy say in our respective clubs.

Northampton Town Supporters’ Trust has launched a fighting fund to help save Northampton Town Football Club because it is at risk of going into liquidation. The initial target is £100,000.

Funds raised will be used to deliver a more functional voice for supporters in any club in the future. This may mean negotiating with a new owner, administrators or the establishment of a phoenix club. Please help give a fighting chance to a club with 118 years of history.

A bucket collection by both Coventry and Cobblers fans towards the fighting fund will take place outside the Ricoh Arena before the FA Cup tie this Saturday, 7 November.

We would like to call on Coventry City fans and visiting Northampton Town supporters to please help our cause and donate."

– Sky Blue Trust
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