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India Chipchase: First evidence from the man accused of murdering her

ITV Anglia's Sarah Cooper was in court.

Edward Tenniswood, the 52-year-old accused of raping and throttling India Chipchase, today (July 26) told the jury he saw her looking "distressed" outside NBs nightclub in Northampton in the early hours of Saturday the 30th January.

He told the court: "I just felt sorry for her, I'm a tactile person, I just put my arm half round her in a sort of paternal way" to "calm her down."

The prosecution claim the former book-keeper "led, steered or escorted" her into a taxi and took her back to his house on Stanley Road, where her body was found on a mattress the next day.

Mr Tenniswood said he told India she was welcome to come back to his place for a drink if she wanted to. Once they got back to his house, he told the jury, India's mood improved. He said they were joking and she was "not upset anymore."

He denies charges of murder and rape.

The trial continues.

India Chipchase: Tenniswood kept clippings of women who looked like his ex-girlfriends

India Chipchase Credit: Northamptonshire police

A man accused of raping and murdering a barmaid kept newspaper clippings of women who looked like his ex-girlfriends in his "squalid" home, a court has heard.

Edward Tenniswood is on trial facing the Crown's accusation he "raped and throttled" 20-year-old barmaid India Chipchase at his home after chancing upon her outside Northampton nightclub NB's in the early hours of January 30.

Giving evidence for the first time at his Birmingham Crown Court trial, he was asked about a series of clippings with pictures of women found in his home.

He said: "I'm always hoarding magazines and newspapers, clippings. These individuals are extremely similar to ex-girlfriends of mine. Rather than just have the whole place covered in dusty dust sheets, they're ornaments, memories of ex-girlfriends. Nothing more interesting than that."

The court also heard that Tenniswood drank up to three boxes of red wine per day, and usually kept six 1.5 litre bottles of cheap Sainsbury's wine in store.

Tenniswood also explained how he kept most of his belongings covered in dust sheets because he claimed to have "OCD."

This included keeping his computer keyboard and monitor in cling film, explaining: "It seems illogical to keep cleaning it to use it, instead you just replace the cling film, rather than the rigmarole of keep cleaning."

Tenniswood told the six men and six women of the jury he was "a terrible hoarder" and that photographs of his home showing newspaper covering every inch of the floor, and boxes of his belongings stacked against the walls, were to keep things "tidy."

He claimed he was also on one month's notice to move, from his landlord, and kept everything in plastic storage containers so he could be ready to move home if needed.

However, he also told the court he had been in the rented terraced home in the St James area of the town for five years.

Asked what sort of house he lived in, he replied: "Almost squalid - very run down."

Tenniswood said he "contained" himself to living upstairs, and used his downstairs as a storage space with the exception of his kitchen where he prepared his food in individual boxes so he could "graze" on the contents throughout the day.

Tenniswood denies the charges of rape and murder but the prosecution has already told the jury he is expected to claim Ms Chipchase consented to sex and that her death was "an accident."

The trial continues.

Sick toddler finds matching donor

Joey Ziadi seen above in 2014, has now found a matching blood donor after being diagnosed with a rare form of anaemia Credit: ITV News Anglia

A seriously ill toddler from Northampton has finally found a matching donor after a two-year search for his family.

Joey Ziadi was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia when he was just nine months old. It's a blood condition that affects just one in nine million people.

His mum has been campaigning tirelessly since then to encourage more people to become bone marrow donors.


India Chipchase trial: Edward Tenniswood told neighbour he had been 'trained to kill'

Video report by ITV Anglia's Sarah Cooper.

A former bookkeeper accused of raping and throttling a barmaid told a neighbour he was "trained to kill" with his bare hands, a court heard.

Edward Tenniswood also told how he had served with the Army and suffered post-traumatic stress disorder in a conversation on Douglas Killeya's doorstep in June 2015.

Mr Killeya said Tenniswood had knocked on his door unannounced at about midday asking to go for a drink.

In evidence the neighbour, a former counsellor, said: "My assessment was he was already drunk."

Mr Killeya, whose statement was read to jurors, said at one stage Tenniswood cupped the other man's face, and how he had to "gently push him back" when the 52-year-old tried to walk into his house.

He added: "He (Tenniswood) suddenly put his hands out in front towards my neck area.... He put his hands around my neck as if to strangle me, but didn't apply any pressure.

"Edward said he'd been in the Army and had been trained to kill people with his bare hands."

After that incident, the neighbour said he avoided Tenniswood.

Jurors had already heard that while India Chipchase was already probably lying dead in Tenniswood's rented terraced home in Stanley Road, Northampton, he went to a nearby Ibis hotel where he drank Kronenbourg.

Hotel receptionist Viktoria Salitova claimed noticing how the man "had dirty hands," and how he sat in the same place all through her shift.

Officers arresting Tenniswood in the hotel lobby found a kitchen knife in his rucksack, as well as pair of surgical-type gloves.

The trial continues.

India Chipchase trial: Edward Tenniswood 'held teenage girl by throat'

Edward Tenniswood is currently on trial accused on raping and murdering India Chipchase Credit: Northamptonshire police

A former bookkeeper accused of raping and murdering a India Chipchase, a barmaid from Northampton, once pinned a teenage girl up against a wall by her throat and kissed her, a court has heard.

Edward Tenniswood got "annoyed" with the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, during an argument which she alleged happened some years ago.

Tenniswood is currently on trial facing accusations that he "raped and throttled" 20-year-old India Chipchase after chancing upon her outside Northampton nightclub NB's in the early hours of January 30th.

Giving evidence about an alleged incident from his past to a Birmingham Crown Court trial jury on the fifth day of Tenniswood's trial, the woman claimed the 52-year-old got "angry" and came at her.

The woman, giving her account by video link, said:

"Then he just ran at me and pushed me against the wall. Then he put his hands around my throat. Both hands.... He was holding really tightly and then he tried to kiss me on the mouth."

The woman said the whole incident lasted "about 20 seconds," while she and he were alone, with Tenniswood then releasing his grip and apologising.

She said: "I tried to push him away but he wouldn't let go.... Eventually he did let go, and he said he was sorry.... I got upset and I went upstairs."

In answer to questions from the defence barrister Samuel Stein QC, she told the court she never told the police or her GP about the incident taking place and confirmed she only recently made a statement about the allegation.

In a direction to the jury before the woman made her claims, Judge John Saunders QC told the six men and six women it was for them to determine the truth of the woman's accusation, and whether to consider it as part of the separate rape and murder allegation against Tenniswood.

Throughout her testimony, Tenniswood shook his head as he listened to the woman's account from the dock of the court.

The trial continues.

India Chipchase had bruises 'typical of assault'

India Chipchase. Credit: Northamptonshire Police

The trial into the murder of India Chipchase who was allegedly raped and murdered after a night out with friends had a catalogue of bruises and scratches a court has heard.

A home office pathologist told Birmingham Crown Court that India, who was 20 and from Northampton, had been "raped and throttled" and her injuries were not typical of accidental or self-inflicted injury.

India's body was found in the bedroom of 52-year-old Edward Tenniswood's rented home.

Tenniswood denies murder.

It is typical of inflicted injury, or otherwise an assault.

It is not typical of self-inflicted or accidental causation such as a fall.

– Dr Michael Biggs, Home Office pathologist

India Chipchase's disappearance was 'out of character'

Video report by ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper

Friends of India Chipchase have described their last moments with her before her body was found.

India, who was 20, was on a night out in Northampton in January, when she vanished from a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

Friends described her disappearance as being out of character.

Her body was found in the home of 52-year-old Edward Tenniswood the next day.

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