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Two men set dog on disabled girl at Northampton beauty spot

Lings Wood in Northampton. Credit: PA

Two men set a pit bull-type dog on a disabled girl as she was being taken in a wheelchair across a Northampton beauty spot last Friday.

A man was walking through the wood with his 12-year-old daughter, who was in a wheelchair, in Lings Wood.

The girl became upset when two men and a dog passed them, and she subsequently flailed her arms at them.

It was then that one of the men told the dog to "get her".

The animal latched on to the young girl’s arm and would not let go until the father took action to stop it, after which the dog and the two men ran off.

Luckily, the girl was wearing arm guards as a result of her disability which prevented her from being injured.

The offenders are described as black and in their 30s.

“This is an absolutely disgraceful incident. It is not a case of a dog being out of control, but being used as a weapon in an assault on a very vulnerable girl.

Had it not been for the victim’s arm guards, she could have been seriously injured.

I know local residents will be appalled by this incident and I would urge anybody with any information to contact us immediately.”

– Sector Inspector Kev Byrne, Northamptonshire Police


Museums Association: "Northampton statue sale was a violation of public trust"

The Sekhemka statue. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Museums Association says that Northampton Borough Council's decision to sell an ancient Egyptian statue was a "clear violation of public trust."

Nearly £16million was raised by the sale of the Sekhemka statue in July.

Today, the Museums Association barred the Council from its membership for a minimum of five years.

“Northampton Borough Council has clearly breached the MA’s Code of Ethics by selling the statues from its collection. Its actions are a clear violation of public trust at a local, national and international level.

The MA is convening a summit of funding bodies later in the year to agree on a new range of sanctions and deterrents for governing bodies considering this course of action.”

– Sharon Heal, Museums Association acting head of policy

The council said in a statement that they'd already resigned their membership and had no desire to re-join.

“It is curious that the Museums Association is choosing to review our membership when we have already notified them that we have resigned from the Association and have no desire to ever re-join.

Having reviewed the value of membership we could not see what benefit it offered to our museums."

– Spokesperson, Northampton Borough Council

Northampton Borough Council barred from Museums Association membership after statue sale

The Sekhemka statue.

Northampton Borough Council has become only the fourth organisation in 125 years to be barred from membership to the Museums Association, following the highly controversial sale of an ancient Egyptian statue.

Council officials who authorised the sale, which raised nearly £16m towards extending Northampton museum, were told of the decision earlier.

It's the latest in a series of sanctions made against the council, with Arts Council England also withdrawing funding.

This evening, the council said they'd already resigned their membership and had no desire to re-join.

Council to face disciplinary hearing over sale of statue

The Sekhemka statue. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Northampton Borough Council could face a further loss of funding today over its sale of an ancient Egyptian relic for nearly £16 million.

The authority cashed in on the Sekhemka statue in July. It's facing a disciplinary hearing today (Wednesday) with the Museum's Association. The Arts Council has already withdrawn access to funding.

Police seek man who attacked a nine-year-old boy

Scene of assault on 9-year-old Credit: ITV Anglia

Police say a 9-year-old boy was assaulted as he walked home from school through the park near Queen Eleanor Road at Wootton in Northampton.

A man threatened the boy and pushed him to the ground on Friday, 26 September just before 3.30pm.

Police say there would have been a lot of people around at the time of the incident and they'd like to hear from witnesses.


New weapon to fight anti-social behaviour

Police in Northampton have a new weapon at their disposal to keep order in the town centre.

They've been granted a dispersal order to combat reports of anti-social behaviour in the area.

It means they've got the power to move potential troublemakers out of the designated area under Section 30 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003.

The roads covered by the order are as follows:

  • Melbourne Walk
  • Bouverie Walk
  • Elizabeth Walk
  • Elizabeth Street
  • Stockley Street
  • Vernon Walk
  • St Edmonds Street
  • Palmerston Road
  • St Edmonds Road
  • Cyril Street
  • Wellingborough Road
  • Portland Place
  • Exeter Place
  • Market Street
  • Market Walk
  • Grove Road
  • Queens Road
  • Spencer Road
  • Clare Street
  • Carey Street
  • Cowper Street
  • Hood Street
  • Colwyn Road
  • Kettering Road
  • Shakespeare Road

In recent months there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour, street drinking and youths congregating in this area. Police have been working hard to tackle these issues and improve the town.

Bereaved partner praises her 'gentle giant'

George Wedderburn's partner Angela Augustine said her sons had lost a great father.

Mr Wedderburn’s two teenage sons have described him as ‘a hero who died a peacemaker’ and ‘a good friend and confidant’.

“Our sons have lost a devoted dad. My wider family have lost a brother, stepdad and close friend and I have lost my soulmate and the father to my children.

“George was a good man, a gentle giant, liked by all that knew him, he loved being with his two children and spent a lot of time with his step-children.”

– Angela Augustine

Police pay tribute to Good Samaritan killed as he went to break up a fight

Northamptonshire police have paid tribute to George Wedderburn, who was acting as a Good Samaritan when he crossed the road to help a member of the public who was being assaulted.

Daniel Tero punched him once to the head, knocking him to the floor. It was the impact of his fall that led to his death almost a week later. Tero's been sentenced to four years and ten months for the fatal attack.

“This has been a huge loss for Mr Wedderburn’s family and friends who remember him as a kind and caring man.

“Daniel Tero by contrast is a violent, confrontational and aggressive man with past convictions for inflicting unprovoked significant harm to others.

“This type of one-punch assault is unfortunately prevalent in towns and cities across the UK and, in this case, has had disastrous consequences for Mr Wedderburn and his family.

– Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Woliter
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