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Homeless man jailed for life in Northampton for killing man who offered him a place to stay

Karl Pound and Mary Cash Credit: Northamptonshire police

A homeless man who killed a Good Samaritan who offered him a place to stop for the night has been jailed for life after admitting the crime.

Karl Pound pleaded guilty to murdering 54-year-old Robert Chester while his co-accused Mary Cash was convicted of manslaughter for her part in their victim's death.

Mr Chester was stabbed eight times at his Northampton home on October 8 last year, and then set alight in a bid to destroy evidence.

When firefighters arrived at the address in Rothersthorpe Road they discovered the victim dead in his lounge.

Police were able to link Mr Chester's attackers to the scene through DNA on blood-stained clothing.

Cash claimed Pound stabbed Mr Chester in a row over a £10 note, while Pound alleged Cash killed their victim because of a drunken bout of bad temper.

However Pound changed his plea to guilty after the first day of the trial at Northampton Crown Court, while Cash, who denied murder, was convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter by a jury.

Pound, 51, was sentenced today (August 3) to a minimum of 19 years in jail while Cash, 39, was handed a 10-year sentence, two-thirds of which must be served in prison.

"This was a completely senseless attack on a man who had shown only kindness towards Pound and Cash.

"The level of violence shown towards Mr Chester, over a seemingly insignificant argument, was shocking and difficult to comprehend.

"Robert was a quiet man who kept himself to himself. His act of kindness towards two people in need proved to be a fatal mistake and he has paid the ultimate price.

"I welcome the sentences handed down today by the judge and hope Robert's family can gain some comfort from them."

– Detective Chief Inspector Louise Hemingway, Northamptonshire Police

India Chipchase father: 'no other family is to experience what we have'

India Chipchase was raped and murdered after a night out. Credit: Northamptonshire Police

The father of India Chipchase has said there should be no possibility of another woman falling into the hands of her killer.

Northamptonshire Police have released a video of Jeremy Chipchase reading a victim impact statement, which was shown during the two-week trial.

52-year-old Edward Tenniswood was today (Tuesday 2 August) found guilty of India's rape and murder, after finding her in a drunken state outside a Northampton nightclub.

A jury took just one hour and 45 minutes to convict him.

"I sincerely hope there's no possibility that another woman ever falls into the hands of my daughter's murderer.

Speaking from a father's perspective, I do not want any other father to hear that their daughter's gone missing like I did - and then for them to hear that she's been found dead.

No other father will have to see their daughter's body in the mortuary and be told that they are unable to touch her or kiss her one last time."

– Jeremy Chipchase, India's father

You can watch the full statement below:


Inside India Chipchase killer's cling-filmed home

Photographs show the inside of India Chipchase's killers home where he raped and murdered the 20-year-old in the early hours of 30 January.

Edward Tenniswood lived alone, in squalid surroundings, at a terraced house in Stanley Road, Northampton.

Tenniswood claimed he kept the pictures of women in his home, which was covered in dust sheets and cling film, as "memories of ex-girlfriends".

When police smashed down the door of his house, having traced Ms Chipchase's mobile to the address, they found her fully-clothed body lying on a mattress in a dimly-lit upstairs bedroom.

CCTV footage: India Chipchase approached by killer

Police have released CCTV footage of Edward Tenniswood approaching India Chipchase on the night he killed her.

It shows him speaking to the 20-year-old barmaid outside NB's nightclub in Northampton, where she had been for a night out with friends.

The 52-year-old former book-keeper was convicted of her rape and murder today at Birmingham Crown Court.


India Chipchase: First evidence from the man accused of murdering her

ITV Anglia's Sarah Cooper was in court.

Edward Tenniswood, the 52-year-old accused of raping and throttling India Chipchase, today (July 26) told the jury he saw her looking "distressed" outside NBs nightclub in Northampton in the early hours of Saturday the 30th January.

He told the court: "I just felt sorry for her, I'm a tactile person, I just put my arm half round her in a sort of paternal way" to "calm her down."

The prosecution claim the former book-keeper "led, steered or escorted" her into a taxi and took her back to his house on Stanley Road, where her body was found on a mattress the next day.

Mr Tenniswood said he told India she was welcome to come back to his place for a drink if she wanted to. Once they got back to his house, he told the jury, India's mood improved. He said they were joking and she was "not upset anymore."

He denies charges of murder and rape.

The trial continues.

India Chipchase: Tenniswood kept clippings of women who looked like his ex-girlfriends

India Chipchase Credit: Northamptonshire police

A man accused of raping and murdering a barmaid kept newspaper clippings of women who looked like his ex-girlfriends in his "squalid" home, a court has heard.

Edward Tenniswood is on trial facing the Crown's accusation he "raped and throttled" 20-year-old barmaid India Chipchase at his home after chancing upon her outside Northampton nightclub NB's in the early hours of January 30.

Giving evidence for the first time at his Birmingham Crown Court trial, he was asked about a series of clippings with pictures of women found in his home.

He said: "I'm always hoarding magazines and newspapers, clippings. These individuals are extremely similar to ex-girlfriends of mine. Rather than just have the whole place covered in dusty dust sheets, they're ornaments, memories of ex-girlfriends. Nothing more interesting than that."

The court also heard that Tenniswood drank up to three boxes of red wine per day, and usually kept six 1.5 litre bottles of cheap Sainsbury's wine in store.

Tenniswood also explained how he kept most of his belongings covered in dust sheets because he claimed to have "OCD."

This included keeping his computer keyboard and monitor in cling film, explaining: "It seems illogical to keep cleaning it to use it, instead you just replace the cling film, rather than the rigmarole of keep cleaning."

Tenniswood told the six men and six women of the jury he was "a terrible hoarder" and that photographs of his home showing newspaper covering every inch of the floor, and boxes of his belongings stacked against the walls, were to keep things "tidy."

He claimed he was also on one month's notice to move, from his landlord, and kept everything in plastic storage containers so he could be ready to move home if needed.

However, he also told the court he had been in the rented terraced home in the St James area of the town for five years.

Asked what sort of house he lived in, he replied: "Almost squalid - very run down."

Tenniswood said he "contained" himself to living upstairs, and used his downstairs as a storage space with the exception of his kitchen where he prepared his food in individual boxes so he could "graze" on the contents throughout the day.

Tenniswood denies the charges of rape and murder but the prosecution has already told the jury he is expected to claim Ms Chipchase consented to sex and that her death was "an accident."

The trial continues.

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