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Undercover cop lorry is latest weapon to catch bad drivers

The biggest undercover police vehicle is being used to catch bad drivers in Northamptonshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A lorry that has been dubbed the UK's biggest undercover police vehicle is being used in Northamptonshire to catch out bad drivers.

Officers say their high up position in the cab helps them spot and photograph motorists breaking the law.

The truck is on loan from Highways England and police say drivers are not expecting to be observed committing a moving traffic offence by a lorry with two police officers in it.

Drivers have been spotted using their phones, texting, changing their music channels on their phone and rolling cigarettes. One lorry driver was seen eating a Pot Noodle.

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Northamptonshire Police officer found guilty of gross misconduct

Credit: Northamptonshire Police

A Northamptonshire Police officer has found guilty of gross misconduct.

Karen Clarke, 49, appeared before a panel at a public disciplinary hearing yesterday.

At the end of the hearing, the panel found she had breached the standards of professional behaviour.

The following allegations were found proven:

  • She failed to take adequate steps to provide intelligence relating to a prolific offender who was in a relationship with her daughter
  • Following a police incident involving her son, she took a call from him, during which she suggested a possible explanation he could use, knowing it to be false. In a conversation with her sergeant in connection with the same incident, she failed to be open about her conversation with her son. She later deleted messages from her phone in efforts to frustrate police investigation into her son.

However, an allegation that she behaved inappropriately while on duty, and in full uniform, when dealing with a matter involving her son, was not proven.

Clarke was dismissed without notice.

In issuing the sanction, the chair of the panel said it was “vitally important” to maintain public trust and confidence in the police.

“We expect the highest standards from our officers. On very rare occasions the actions of an officer may fall below those standards.

“In this case, the panel, having heard the evidence, felt the actions of Karen Clarke, were below what would be expected. As such, she was dismissed without notice.”

– Chief Inspector Mark Taylor, Professional Standards Department

Police appeal for witnesses after woman assaulted in Kettering

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman was assaulted while she was walking along a street in Kettering.

The victim was walking along Montagu Street, towards the town centre, sometime between 5am and 5.10am on Saturday when a man grabbed her arm from behind.

The woman shrugged him off and ran away. She was not injured

The offender is described as a black man, 30–40 years old, around 6ft tall and wearing a dark coloured hooded top with the hood over his head,

Man stabbed during fight in Northampton

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was stabbed during a fight in Northampton.

Three men were involved in a fight opposite KFC on Cambridge Street at about 6.40pm on Monday. It led to one of the men sustaining a stab wound to the back.

Both offenders were black and around 6ft tall. One was wearing a blue jacket with white sleeves. The other was wearing a black bomber jacket and may have had dreadlocks.

The victim was taken to hospital and is not believed to have a serious injury.

Crackdown on violent crime in Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Police are running a three-month operation to tackle violent crime. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The mother of a teenager stabbed to death at a house party, is backing a Northamptonshire Police campaign to tackle violent crime.

Operation Scorpion will run for three months. With violent crime making up a quarter of all offences in the county, officers say it's one of the force's top priorities.

But one woman, who was attacked at home, says police need more training to spot the signs of domestic abuse.

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Northamptonshire Police launch operation to tackle violent crime

Northamptonshire Police is launching a special operation to target violent crime over the next three months.

The Chief Constable Simon Edens launched Operation Scorpion.

It'll see teams of officers taken off normal duties and re-assigned to projects to help reduce violence.

The Chief Constable has pledged that tackling the issue is one of the force's top priorities.

87-year-old Northampton woman knocked to ground by mugger who stole her pension

The woman had only minor injuries, but was left shaken by the robbery Credit: ITV Anglia

An 87-year-old woman in Northampton was knocked to the ground by a mugger who stole her pension shortly after she had withdrawn it.

The woman withdrew her pension from the Post Office in the Weston Favell shopping centre on Thursday 17 September.

A man ran past her as she left the shopping centre at about 1pm, and grabbed her handbag from her shoulder, causing her to fall to the floor.

She had only minor injuries, but was left shaken by the robbery.

The stolen bag was beige, looked like it was made from leather and had a shoulder strap.

Witnesses, or anyone who knows anything about this incident, can call Northamptonshire Police on 101.

Sobriety bracelet trial extended in Northamptonshire

A trial using alcohol detection tags, known as sobriety bracelets, is being extended for a further six months by Northamptonshire Police.

Sobriety bracelets check if the wearer is sober Credit: PA Images

The tags are fitted to an offender's ankle and work by sampling their perspiration at regular intervals to check they are sober.

Nine people have so far been fitted with the tags and police say it's helping them tackle alcohol-related violence.

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