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Letter written in trenches about Christmas Day 'Truce' could fetch £20,000 at auction

The letter about the 'Truce' football match written in the trenches Credit: Northampton Museum
The letter was written by William Henry Loasby Credit: ITV News Anglia

A letter written by a Northamptonshire soldier from the trenches of the First World War could fetch £20,000 at auction.

The note by Lance Corporal Willie Loasby describes how he organised the famous Christmas Day Truce by shouting to German soldiers in nearby trenches.

The letter is being sold by a collector from Northampton.

Kettering war memorial Credit: ITV News Anglia
Peter Robinson, Northampton Museum Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It's a first hand account written to his mother and it gives details of how they contacted the Germans, how they met, how they were quite antagonistic towards each other, but became quite friendly really."

– Peter Robinson, Northampton Museum


Hundreds respond in consultation proposing closure of some children's centres

Consultation into plans to change children's services in Northamptonshire, ends today Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nearly 700 people have commented in a consultation over plans to close some children's centres in Northamptonshire and 124 people have been to 10 public meetings.

The County Council wants to change the way it delivers children's services by using other buildings such as libraries, instead.

Some parents have criticised the plans saying they wont get the help they need.

The consultation closes today and the comments will considered by the council in February, with any changes approved by councillors introduced in April.

There have been 10 public meetings as part of the consultation process Credit: ITV News Anglia

Essex says cuts challenge will be tough

Essex County Council faces a £49m cut in government funding. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Essex County Council is facing the biggest cut in government funding in the Anglia region with nearly £49 million lopped off its budget.

Early assessments of the Local Government finance settlement, which sets out how much money each local authority will receive from the government in 2015/2016, indicate the Essex could be facing a cut of around 13 per cent on its funding.

“Every successive round of cuts makes the challenge harder. We have already secured so many efficiencies. We will continue to work creatively with our dedicated and innovative officers to find new solutions but make no mistake – it will be tough.”

– Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Finance, Essex County Council

Cells left open in police Christmas appeal for criminals to hand themselves in

Custody cells at a police station in Northamptonshire were left open on Thursday to try to encourage criminals to hand themselves in before Christmas.

Officers have already posted special Christmas cards to offenders who're wanted in Wellingborough but they want them to come forward now or face being arrested on the day itself.

Click below for a report from Wellingborough police station by ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper

Bars at centre of Northampton street fight to remain closed

Two bars in Northampton will remain closed until a review of their licences in January. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Two bars in Northampton will remain closed for the foreseeable future after a fight on Friday 12 December which left eight people in hospital.

The licensing committee for Northampton Borough council has met to decide the fate of NU bar and Faces, both on Bridge street. They both had their licences suspended.

The council says it will keep the suspension in force until a review of the licences again in January.


Councils in the Anglia region face 14% cuts in government funding

The government grant to councils in the Anglia region is being cut by 14% Credit: ITV News Anglia

Councils have warned that local authorities across England are being "pushed to breaking point" after the announcement of a new round of Government cuts which will force them to slice an estimated £2.6 billion from their budgets for next year.

The main grant from the government to local councils in the Anglia region is being cut by £323 million next year - a reduction of nearly 14%.

However the government says that the overall reduction in spending power for English councils will be 1.8%, with no council facing a loss of more than 6.4%.

The "spending power" figure includes other income that local councils receive like NHS grants, council tax and business rates and local fees and charges.

The Local Government Association said that the provisional finance settlement for 2015/16 amounted to an 8.8% cut in core central Government funding, bringing to 40% the total reduction in support since the coalition came to power in 2010.

Temperatures are 7C above average on the mildest day of the winter so far

2pm temperatures across the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

Temperatures throughout the Anglia region have peaked at 14C this afternoon, making it the warmest day of December 2014 so far.

It's a far cry from the same time last week when temperatures struggled to exceed 4C on the coldest day since March 2013.

It will feel colder on Friday as temperatures return to average for the time of year. 7C is the typical daytime high in East Anglia in mid-December.

Click here for the latest forecast for the Anglia region.

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