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Building our way out of the Housing Shortage?

In the latest in our 'Home Truths' investigation series, we continue our look at housing in the East - the conflict between the need for more homes, and the desire to protect the environment.

The government's laid out plans to build up to three new garden cities to deal with the chronic housing shortage in the South East, calling for local councils to volunteer for development.

Click below to watch a report for the West of the region

Click below to watch a report for the East of the region

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Home Truths: Elodie Harper examines the changing housing market in the East

An investigation by ITV News has found foreign investors are buying up properties in Cambridge and leaving them empty to make a profit.

With so many people desperate to get a foot on the ladder, the head of housing at Cambridge City Council has called the revelation 'abhorrent'

Properties in Cambridge are among the most in demand in the country, with only London prices higher.

In the first of our series Home Truths, Elodie Harper examines the changing housing market in the East.


Mum hopes plans for cerebral palsy treatment trial will help hundreds of youngsters like Holly

A life-changing operation that will help hundreds of people with cerebral palsy is to be trialled for the first time in the UK thanks to years of campaigning by a family from Northamptonshire.

In 2010, four-year-old Holly Davies from Daventry went to America for surgery that allowed her to stand flat on her feet and walk without falling over for the very first time.

Her mum and Dad say they are delighted that many more will now be given the chance to live a better life without having to raise the tens of thousands of pounds needed to have the operation abroad.

Sarah Beecroft reports.

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