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Northampton Balloon Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary

Northampton Balloon Festival.
Northampton Balloon Festival. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

More than 40 hot air balloons from across the country have gathered in Northampton for the start of the town's balloon festival.

The popular event at Billing Aquadrome is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

At 6am today, the balloons took off for their first flight.

They will fly again at 6pm and the festival runs until Sunday.


Northampton Balloon Festival is well underway

Reporter Olivia Paterson and cameraman Jonathon Stevens have been up, up and away in a hot air balloon to get some fantastic shots of the festival.

Olivia Paterson tweets from the Northampton balloon festival


Almost our turn now. In just a few minutes we'll be high over Northamptonshire @itvanglia


Pilots briefing underway. Conditions looking good. About 20 balloons expected to take off this morning @itvanglia


Police warning for Cobblers fans

Police are warning Northampton Town fans not to take flares or smoke grenades into football matches.

Smoke flare
Smoke flare Credit: PA Images

It follows an incident at Sixfields Stadium on Saturday when a smoke grenade was let off. Police say it is a criminal offence and could be a danger to other people in the crowd.

Last season there were five smoke bomb incidents at Sixfields.

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