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Martins calls for 16% council tax rise to pay for more police officers

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire is proposing a council tax rise of almost 16% to pay for more police officers in the county.

Olly Martins is consulting the public on the 15.85% increase. A referendum would be required to secure a rise of this scale. It would be held alongside the General Election on 7 May.

Mr Martins says the increase would pay for 100 additional officers until at least 2021, with a focus on more visible policing in the community, managing prolific offenders and protecting vulnerable people.

Click below to watch Olivia Paterson's interview with Olly Martins:

Olly Martins the new PCC for Bedfordshire


(First Count)

Olly Martins (Lab) 27,947 (34.03%)

Jas Parmar (C) 26,226 (31.93%)

Linda Jack (LD) 11,205 (13.64%)

Kevin Carroll (Brit Freedom) 8,675 (10.56%)

Mezanur Rashid (Ind) 8,076 (9.83%)

Eliminated: Kevin Carroll, Linda Jack, Mezanur Rashid

(Second Count)

Distribution of Carroll's, Jack's and Rashid's votes

Olly Martins (Lab) 35,958

Jas Parmar (C) 32,100

Elected: Olly Martins

Electorate 462,823; Turnout 82,129 (17.75%)