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Bedfordshire's outspoken PCC loses out to Tory candidate

Kathryn Holloway is the new PCC for Bedfordshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Bedfordshire's outspoken inaugural Police and Crime Commissioner has been beaten by his Conservative rival.

Olly Martins was the only Labour PCC in the region following the 2012 election.

But, following the second count, he today lost the role to Tory Kathryn Holloway by nearly 2,000 votes.


Martins calls for 16% council tax rise to pay for more police officers

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire is proposing a council tax rise of almost 16% to pay for more police officers in the county.

Olly Martins is consulting the public on the 15.85% increase. A referendum would be required to secure a rise of this scale. It would be held alongside the General Election on 7 May.

Mr Martins says the increase would pay for 100 additional officers until at least 2021, with a focus on more visible policing in the community, managing prolific offenders and protecting vulnerable people.

Click below to watch Olivia Paterson's interview with Olly Martins:

Olly Martins the new PCC for Bedfordshire


(First Count)

Olly Martins (Lab) 27,947 (34.03%)

Jas Parmar (C) 26,226 (31.93%)

Linda Jack (LD) 11,205 (13.64%)

Kevin Carroll (Brit Freedom) 8,675 (10.56%)

Mezanur Rashid (Ind) 8,076 (9.83%)

Eliminated: Kevin Carroll, Linda Jack, Mezanur Rashid

(Second Count)

Distribution of Carroll's, Jack's and Rashid's votes

Olly Martins (Lab) 35,958

Jas Parmar (C) 32,100

Elected: Olly Martins

Electorate 462,823; Turnout 82,129 (17.75%)