Yasir Ali and Daaim Ashraf have been sentenced to 37 years between them.

Victim talks of horrific ordeal

Two men from Peterborough have been jailed for a total of 37 years following a five-year campaign of sexual abuse against teenage girls.

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Fatal Peterborough flat fire was an accident, investigation finds

The flat fire was an accident, an investigation's found.
The flat fire was an accident, an investigation's found. Credit: ITV News Anglia

An investigation's found that a flat fire which killed a disabled woman in Peterborough last week was an accident.

Three crews were called to the property in North Bretton on Thursday.

The woman in her 50s was already dead by the time they'd arrived.

The fire service said the blaze was probably started by "discarded smoking materials."

Mystery man named as 22 year old Alvydas Kanaporis

An amnesia sufferer who had been unable to remember his own identity after being found in Peterborough has been named.

Alvydas Kanaporis

Alvydas Kanaporis, who is 22 and originally from Lithuania, was found in a park in the city in May.

His identity has been revealed following a public appeal last week.

Doctors says discovering his true identity is only the first step on a long road to helping him regain his memory.


Doctor say amnesia man faces long recovery

'Robert' who cannot remember who he is

Doctors have warned that a man found in Peterborough who cannot remember his own name faces a long road to recovery even once his identity has been established. They launched an appeal after a man, named Robert by medics, was found in a park suffering from a severe case of amnesia.


He cannot recall any details of his life including his name, age or where he is from. The only hints of his previous life are an Eastern European accent and understanding of Lithuanian and Russian along with his sporting ability, with him showing skills at basketball, tennis and football.

Dr Manaan Kar Ray, clinical director of acute care, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Trust

Nearly two months since he was found Robert, who is fluent in English, has shown no signs of improvement. Dr Manaan Kar Ray said that cases of short-lived amnesia were relatively common and could result from severe trauma, some kind of seizure, severe depression or a suicide attempt.

However, the duration of Robert's condition is far more unusual and does not fit conventional explanations.

The case is the first of its kind the doctor has come across in a 15-year career.

He added:

_ "When we do get a name that will be the beginning of the journey and the challenge will be how we integrate autobiographical memory back into Robert and how he deals with it._


Part of Robert's treatment involves taking him back to where he was found along with towns with large Eastern European populations, such as Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, to see if it jogs his memory.

Disabled woman dies in flat fire during strike

A disabled woman has died in a blaze at Peterborough which happened while fire crews were on strike. The incident happened at 5.38pm yesterday at a flat in Risby, North Bretton - about an hour and a half before members of the Fire Brigades Union were due to end a day of industrial action.

The woman, who was aged in her 50s, died at the scene. Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said its contingency plans meant three crews were able to attend. The first crew arrived on the scene 11 minutes after the 999 call was received.

Chief Fire Officer Graham Stagg said:"Three crews responded to the incident immediately and arrived in the time we normally would, with the same number of crews as usual, had FBU members not been striking."

Appeal to identify man with severe amnesia found in Peterborough

Do you recognise this man?

There's an appeal for help to identify a man who was found in Peterborough 2 months ago with severe amnesia.

"Robert" as he's been called by staff at Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust who are caring for him, has no memory of who he is, his name, age, or where he comes from.

He speaks English, but it may be a second language. He also understands Russian and Lithuanian.

After two months there is still no sign or improvement in his condition and he had now personal details on him when he was found in a park in Peterborough on 18th May.

'Robert" has no physical injuries and is being cared for at the Cavell Centre, which cares for people with mental health conditions.

Dr Manaan Kar-Ray, Clinical Director of Acute Care said. "Amnesia can last for anything from a few hours to a number of weeks.

"Clearly this is very upsetting for him as he cannot recall any details of his life. We have made strenuous efforts to help him with his memory, including taking him back to where he was found, but nothing has been successful so far. Understandably, he is now getting very frustrated."


145,000 illegal cigarettes seized in Peterborough

The haul of tobacco is worth £50,000 in unpaid duty and taxes Credit: HM Revenue and Customs

More than 145,000 illegal cigarettes and 24 kilos of hand-rolling tobacco have been seized from shops in Peterborough.

The haul is worth £50,000 to the treasury in unpaid duty and taxes. Seven shop owners in the city are due ti be interviewed under caution by customs officers later this month.

Illegal cigarettes seized around Peterborough Credit: HM Revenue and Customs

Paul Barton, Assistant Director, Criminal Investigation, HMRC, said. "The sale of illegal tobacco will not be tolerated by us or our partner agencies. Disrupting criminal trade is at the heart of our strategy to clampdown on the illicit market, which costs the UK around £2 billion a year."

First World War Centenary: A Great War story from Southfields Primary School in Peterborough

Earlier this year, ITV News Anglia launched its First World War Centenary School Report and asked children from across the region to tell us a Great War story from their area.

Southfields Primary School in Peterborough wanted to tell us about Jimmy the Donkey, who was brought back from wartime France to live in their town.

They hold a special ceremony to remember Sergeant Jimmy each year and want the animals who played their part in the war to get special recognition.

Click below to watch the full report:

60 years of service for Peterborough Councillor

A long-serving Councillor from Peterborough is celebrating six decades of service to the city.

60 years ago Charles Swift, who was just 23-years-old at the time, was elected as a Peterborough Councillor, making him the youngest ever to take up the position.

Six decades later and he is still working as a councillor.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Emily Knight

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