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'Flying Scotsman - it'll always be 60103 to me!' - ex-driver

An aerial view of the Flying Scotsman going over the Digswell Viaduct near Welwyn Garden Cit Credit: PA Images

Among the passengers on the Flying Scotsman was Ron Kennedy, who drove the locomotive from 1956 until it was taken out of service in 1963.

The 83-year-old, from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, beamed with delight as the locomotive pulled into the station he first worked at as a cleaner almost 70 years ago.

It's unbelievable. I never dreamt about being on it again. To be out with it is just fantastic. It was a good engine. We didn't know them by their names, we knew them by their numbers. So to us it was 60103. I think they've done a wonderful job. It belongs to the public really so let's keep it so it's always there for our children and grandchildren"

– Ron Kennedy
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Urgent plea for steam 'trespassers' to stay back

Too close for comfort Credit: Network Rail

Network Rail is making an urgent appeal for steam enthusiasts to stay away from the tracks as the Flying Scotsman goes past.

Police had to be called earlier after dozens of people were said to be 'putting their lives in danger' by getting too close to the tracks. It meant the train having to stop for a while.

Network Rail is stressing that if enthusiasts don't stay on the public side of the railway fence, it will be a case of "stop-start all the way".

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