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Man arrested for attempted murder in Suffolk

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder following an incident at Elmswell in Suffolk this morning. Officers received a call at around 8.45am reporting that a vehicle had been seen mounting the pavement and colliding with a woman at Ashfield Road in Elmswell.

The witness said she had then seen the woman being bundled into the vehicle.

Police immediately launched a search, talking to people in the area and looking for the vehicle to trace the woman and find out what had happened.

She was found at about three o'clock this afternoon and isn't thought to be seriously injured.

Earlier in the day a man went into Bury St Edmunds police station and said he had been involved in an incident in Elmswell.

A short time later he was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and was been taken into custody

A vehicle believed to be involved in the incident has also been found in Rickinghall.

Police would like to speak to anyone who may have seen the incident or anyone in the Elmswell area around 8.30am – 9am today (Tuesday) who may have been approached by a woman asking for help.


Essex says cuts challenge will be tough

Essex County Council faces a £49m cut in government funding. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Essex County Council is facing the biggest cut in government funding in the Anglia region with nearly £49 million lopped off its budget.

Early assessments of the Local Government finance settlement, which sets out how much money each local authority will receive from the government in 2015/2016, indicate the Essex could be facing a cut of around 13 per cent on its funding.

“Every successive round of cuts makes the challenge harder. We have already secured so many efficiencies. We will continue to work creatively with our dedicated and innovative officers to find new solutions but make no mistake – it will be tough.”

– Cllr John Spence, Cabinet Member for Finance, Essex County Council

Councils in the Anglia region face 14% cuts in government funding

The government grant to councils in the Anglia region is being cut by 14% Credit: ITV News Anglia

Councils have warned that local authorities across England are being "pushed to breaking point" after the announcement of a new round of Government cuts which will force them to slice an estimated £2.6 billion from their budgets for next year.

The main grant from the government to local councils in the Anglia region is being cut by £323 million next year - a reduction of nearly 14%.

However the government says that the overall reduction in spending power for English councils will be 1.8%, with no council facing a loss of more than 6.4%.

The "spending power" figure includes other income that local councils receive like NHS grants, council tax and business rates and local fees and charges.

The Local Government Association said that the provisional finance settlement for 2015/16 amounted to an 8.8% cut in core central Government funding, bringing to 40% the total reduction in support since the coalition came to power in 2010.


New misconduct notices over custody death

Leon Briggs

Four officers with Bedfordshire Police are facing additional gross misconduct notices over the death of a man in police custody.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating the death of 39-year-old Leon Briggs, who died after being taken to Luton police station in November last year.

Five police officers, and a police detention officer are under criminal investigation. The IPCC says a second detention officer is no longer being investigated.

Police release audio of phone call. Do you recognise this voice?

Police in Bedfordshire have released an audio clip of a man they want to trace in connection with a burglary in Luton.

The man called for a taxi from Wodecroft Road in the early hours of Saturday, October 25.

A home had been burgled in the road during the same night and offenders stole a number of electrical items including a large flat screen television.

The taxi firm recorded the audio after the caller could not identify the number he was calling from.

Detective Constable Scott Hannam said:

“We are keen to identify the man who is recorded makingthe call for a taxi as we believe he may have important information which could assist our investigation.

“I would urge anyone who recognises his voice, or for the man himself, to contact police.

“I am also keen to hear from anyone who has any information or saw a large television being carried around this area on the night in question.”

– DC Scott Hannam, Beds Police

You can listen to the phone call below. Contact Beds Police on 101 if you can help.

'Thank you officer' - bizarre list of gifts to police revealed

A £1,000 holiday, nine Mars bars, juggling balls, a broken dog biscuit and a discount on a kebab are among 'thank you' gifts given to police officers in Cambridgeshire, it has been revealed.

One received four cans of lager, another bags of crisps while a female officer was given two pheasants and one lucky officer got a filter for a vacuum cleaner.

A Freedom of Information Request has revealed a dozen presents were gifted to officers last year including a bag of home grown potatoes, 120g bar of Dairy Milk chocolate, 20% John Lewis discount voucher - value unknown - a bottle of bubbly, chocolates, biscuits, a bottle of Jura whisky and wine as well as a book and the Mars bars.

Cambridgeshire Police revealed the list as part of an FOI request Credit: ITV

In previous years a constable in Ely was given a "small discount" at Ali's Kebabs, while in St Neots an officer was given a box of eggs and in Ely a member of the public gave a female officer an "afternoon fishing for her husband".

Other gifts included juggling balls, football shirts, bag of chips, flowers, pizza, strawberries, steak, venison sausages, carrots, cider, Polish lager, honey, asparagus, plums and corn.

A police spokesman said: "The force has an open and honest gratuities and gifts policy which relies on staff and officer honesty and discretion; in-line with the College of Policing's Code of Ethics.

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