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Millions of pounds for region's potholes

Millions of pounds of government money is heading for our region to help repair potholes.

Councils across the country will receive a one-off cash injection, after recent harsh winters left road repairs in some areas running into millions of pounds.

It's good news in particular for those in Northamptonshire. The council there's been allocated one of the highest shares in the country.

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Appeal for money to repair damaged roads

The Local Government Association has witten to the Treasury asking for more money to repair potholes.

Damage to our roads is costing businesses around £5 billion a year and some local roads might have to close unless more Government money is made available for resurfacing, said the LGA.

It added: "Further severe weather could now lead to a tipping point in many areas where roads will become so damaged they will have to close."

The LGA has written to Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander asking him to provide greater capital funding for road maintenance.

Potholes making our roads "unusable"

Today we're talking potholes.

Highways bosses are warning that another severe winter and many of our local roads will become "unusable".

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Council 'hit squads' take on potholes

Resurfacing a road in Bedford Credit: Press Association

Two new pot hole hit squads are being set up in Bedford to repair damage to the town's roads.

The council says the cold winter has taken its toll.

The two teams will work alongside an existing pot hole hit squad which has so far carried out seven and a half thousand road repairs in Bedford.


Essex spending £11m to blitz potholes

Potholes caused by bad weather Credit: PA

£11m pounds allocated by Essex County Council to fix potholes is already being put to good use, with over 10,000 repaired since the beginning of July.

The £11m investment has been made to repair the damage caused to the county’s roads following the severe weather extremes of recent months.