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U.S airman found dead near Suffolk base

A US airman has been found dead close to RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk Credit: ITV News Anglia

A U.S. Air Force Airman from the 48th Fighter Wing has been found dead in Suffolk.

His body was discovered in off the base housing close to RAF Lakenheath.

The cause of death is currently under investigation.

Further information will be released after family notifications have been completed.

American warplanes fly night missions

F15 aircraft at Lakenheath Credit: ITV News Anglia

American warplanes based at Lakenheath in Suffolk will be taking part in night training missions between May 19th and May 22nd.

Aircraft will be in the air until midnight Credit: ITV News Anglia

Senior officers say the night operations are required to maintain aircrew proficiency and ensure pilots remain ready to meet future challenges.


USAF bases in the East face uncertain future as thousands of jobs are set to be lost

Over 1,000 staff are eligible for the first round of voluntary redundancies at RAF Lakenheath. Credit: PA

Thousands of American Air Force jobs at bases in our region could be lost as part of a sweeping round of budget cuts.

The USAF announced its intention to axe around 25,000 global jobs, last year.

A spokesman at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk confirmed that 1,600 staff there are eligible for the first round of voluntary redundancies.

Jobs at RAF Mildenhall could also be affected.

US war planes grounded

An F-15 at Lakenheath Credit: ITV News Anglia

Two squadrons of F-15 war planes at a US base in Suffolk could be grounded, due to defence cuts by the US Government.

Up to 75 jets based at RAF Lakenheath are likely to be stood down by the US Air Force for around five months. Officials at 48th Fighter Wing said there would be no change to staff at the base, which employs 4,500 airmen and around 2,000 civilians.

Christmas without Dad

A war veteran from Suffolk will miss out on spending Christmas with his wife and children - because of continued visa issues on both sides of the Atlantic.

Chad Carlson, who spent 11 years at RAF Lakeneath, was forced to return to America in the summer because of a massive backlog in visa applications.

Tired of waiting, his family decided to move out there instead...But have now been told it could be 8 months before they can go.